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Are Tattoo Removals Painful? Get To Know Your Solution

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Sep 8th

Are Tattoo Removals Painful? Get To Know Your Solution

Treating an unwanted tattoo gets much faster with the help of the laser process. But if you are still dealing with tattoo regret just for the reason that removal will be painful, there is something for you. Explore the right solution.

Not happy with your tattoo anymore? Want to get rid of it?

Simply get it removed with the laser tattoo removal process. Now when you think of tattoo removal, the first image to come to your mind probably is a rude man using a red-hot laser to burn away your ink, and skin. Right?

But that’s not the case at all.

Is laser tattoo removal dangerous?

No, it is not! This removal process has been used for about 20 years and there are certain lasers which are FDA approved. So it is considered to be a safe and efficient process. This means if you got a tattoo job done when you were a teenager, for any reason, and now you want to get it removed, you can trust this method.

Though tattoos seem to a really good idea to pain your body and convey your personality, at times they become a reason for lifetime regret. For instance, if you are seeking to be a part of the corporate workforce, there are chances that your boss want is not pleased with inking idea. In such as case, you can trust laser tattoo removal.

Will laser tattoo removal hurt?

The honest answer to this question is YES. As the laser beam of high intensity strikes your dermis it can cause discomfort. However, the level of pain will depend on various reasons like:

  • Personal pain tolerance
  • Skin and hair type
  • Sensitivity level
  • Type of laser being used
  • Color of your tattoo, skin, and hair
  • Experience of the laser professional

Hence, for many clients the tattoo removal pain is similar to a rubber band snapping on skin. In other cases, especially for those with lower threshold level, it can be highly painful.

Besides, there can be some other symptoms causing little or more problem. These include burning sensation, red skin, tiny bumps, bruising, and so on. Relax! These will last just for a few hours after the treatment.

Is it possible to have painless laser tattoo removal?

Definitely, you can make laser process pain free. It turns possible with the help of a lidocaine cream like Dr. Numb. While it is a topical anesthetic solution, it also FDA approved product which consist of 5% lidocaine. It has been trusted by tattoos artists and dermatologists worldwide. Basically, it works to suppress the pain and itching sensation. So, you can expect it to:

  • Bring forth a loss of sensation to the skin to desensitize the area for three to four hours.
  • Block the pain signals, preventing them from reaching the brain.
  • Offer a temporary relief from pain and burning sensation associated with laser tattoo removal.
  • Generate a temporary numbness to reduce the pain and soreness in the area to be treated.

How to use a numbing cream for tattoo removal?

It is quite easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Clean the area using warm or cold water, and a gentle soap. Dry it using a paper towel.
  2. Now apply a thick layer of Dr. Numb. Rub it evenly and let it set for few minutes.
  3. Gently cover the area with a plastic film. This will help generate a heat which will seal the cream with your skin.
  4. Wait for the 45-60 minutes to let the anesthesia take effect within.
  5. You are ready to go.

So, now no more pain during laser tattoo removal. You can place your orders for this amazing product online.