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Do I Need To Apply Numbing Cream Before Stretch Mark Removals?

Posted by Ann V. On 2014 Sep 12th

Do I Need To Apply Numbing Cream Before Stretch Mark Removals?

Stretch marks, due to pregnancy or weight changes can make you feel conscious and uncomfortable. To get rid of them there a numerous non-invasive procedures, the pain from which can be reduced safely using a lidocaine based numbing cream.

Stretch marks are a form of skin scarring that is often associated with obesity, pregnancy, puberty and short term weight gain. Most often, these are characterizes as bumpy, discolored lines on the skin’s surface, which form when the dermis is stretched more than it can tolerate.

Here’s what all you need to know about stretch mark removal and the role of numbing creams :

Non-Surgical Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Fortunately, cosmetic dermatologists offer a variety of non-surgical alternatives for successful treatment of stretch marks. The most popular and effective options include:

Although, all these procedures are non-surgical, they will still produce some pain. This is why many people prefer using numbing creams to dull the pain and make the procedure of stretch mark removal comfortable.

Choosing the Best Numbing Cream for Stretch Mark Treatment?

When getting stretch marks removed, one of the major concerns is the use of an effective numbing cream that will be safe and cause no allergies.

Choose a numbing cream with not more than 5% lidocaine, which is ascribed to be the safest amount of the drug by FDA.

This is why many doctors feel safe when they use Dr. Numb®.

It may be an over-the-counter numbing cream, but is highly effective and safe to use. It is water based, which results in quick absorption and fast action.

The effect of the cream will start setting in 15 minutes from application and the effect will last for over an hour.