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Ankle Piercing; A Bold Style Statement

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 29th

Ankle Piercing; A Bold Style Statement

Piercing has come a long way, from ear piercing which had its own beliefs attached to it, to piercing of different parts of the body by creating a bold statement.

With a lot of style factor added to it, ankle piercing is turning into a first choice among the young.

So, what is ankle piercing?

Ankle piercing is a variety of piercing on the ankles either beneath the joint area or above it. It is suggested to get the ankle pierced by an expert since there are many risks related to it. Make sure that you visit a good and hygiene piercing salon, specialized in all types of piercing to get it done successfully.

Ankle piercing healing

It takes around 4 to 8 weeks for the pierced ankles to heal properly.

Ankle piercing infection and complications

According to the aftercare guidelines, you have to clean the piercing with salt water solution two times a day. Pierced ankles have a more possibility of getting infected due to their closure proximity to the ground subjecting themselves to germs, dirt, and dust. Moreover, it's not always possible to confine development, and hence, the risk of developing complications cannot be ruled out.

Then again, ankle dermal piercing is done using dermal or micro dermal fasten embellished with uniquely designed jewelry tops. Although large jewelry can be worn, but don’t experiment much by wearing everyday. And, if you want to, then do take expert’s advice first.

Ankle Piercing Aftercare

  • To avoid any kind of infection or irritation, make sure you clean the area and jewelry thoroughly.
  • Wash your hand nicely before touching the piercing or jewel.
  • Wash the ankle with salt water solution daily at least two times, and avoid going out in the swimming pool.

Ankle Piercing Jewelry

There is an extensive variety of options when it comes to jewelry for the ankle. It includes horseshoe barbells, surface bars, types of studs, and small rings. So, go for the ankle piercing if it suits you, and then smartly pick the jewelry to make yourself flaunt.