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Am I too old to be doing this, or too old to be concerned about my eyebrows?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 13th

Am I too old to be doing this, or too old to be concerned about my eyebrows?

A permanent eyebrow, also known as eyebrow tattoos is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes permanent pigment on the dermis to produce the effect of wearing a makeup. A new concept that might sound strange is one of the most effective ways to deal with less eyebrows and saving yourself from everyday makeup.

Perfect Age for permanent eyebrow tattooing

The cultural status of tattooing with time has evolved from an anti-social activity to a fashion trend. Recognized as both an art and a profession, now people from different lifestyle prefer to permanently mark their bodies with signs and designs. Eyebrow tattooing has also caught up on the craze and it is difficult now to tell the right age to get a permanent eyebrow tattoo.

Everyone is different and have his or her own reason to be inked, whether it is a good decision or a bad one. It completely depends on the person who wants to opt for permanently tattooed eyebrow and so there is no perfect age. You can choose to be tattoo at 13 or 30 or even 60. It’s perfectly safe, easy and personality lifting.

Too Young for permanent eyebrow tattoo

As such, there is no legal age restriction on getting a tattoo, but many reputed tattoo shops and parlors refuse anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who does not accompany parents or guardian with them while being inked. The most common reason behind this is lack of maturity and change in the choices after attaining a particular age. It is very true that as kids, we have different liking and it has surely changed with time, so what it in later age you do not like the way your brows look.

Too old for permanent eyebrow tattoo

We all want to look good, whatever be the age. So personally, there is no age bar in getting your eyebrows permanent tattoos. But, it is also true that after attaining a particular age, being inked completely depends on the texture of the skin. Taking consultation from a reputed tattoo artist will help you to understand skin quality and what will be the affect of tattoo on your skin.

Permanent Eyebrow Procedure

Before you say yes for permanent eyebrow procedure, make sure to do your homework first. It is important to get it done through a reputable permanent make up technician, who have experience in this particular tattooing technique. It is not at all about understanding the procedure but what matters is the knowledge that what kind of look you desire. 

Having a clear idea that what shape you are looking forward to is very important and side by side, it is important that the technician you have opted for permanent eyebrow tattooing is also aware about your requirement.

Eyebrow Tattooing should be done by a specially trained artesian only. It is important then to take suggestions from family and friends or even neighbors on who is a good artisan in the area. A good tattoo artist will understand your needs and will make sure you go home wearing a tattoo you always wanted.