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Aftercare Of Nose Piercing And When To Visit Doctor

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 24th

Aftercare Of Nose Piercing And When To Visit Doctor

Now, that we have seen at how to pierce your nose, it is vital to see how to approach the aftercare of the piercing. Nose piercing is done through the ligament and would take around 6-12 weeks to heal.

You need to keep the area clean constantly. Follow the steps given below:

  • Guarantee that your hands are washed before you touch the piercing or adornments.
  • Drench a fresh cotton ball in saline solution and touch at the piercing. Turning the jewelry while touching so that the solution reaches to the hole. This must be done thrice a day.
  • Clean the screw or fasten placed on the internal side of the nose, by using a fresh cotton ball and saline solution.
  • Try not to clean the adornments as it can fall off, harm the tissue or prompt to an infection.
  • Using a paper towel to douse up the dampness from the area is suggested.
  • Wherever possible, try to avoid sleeping on the face
  • Germ exposure can be cut down by changing the pillowcase as often as possible.
  • Take vitamin supplements and ones containing zinc, so the respiratory sickness is maintained, which can meddle in the healing of the piercing.
  • Try not to squirm with the jewelry or change it for 6 months, as it can harm the ligament. This can prompt to a granuloma, which is extremely hard to dispose of.

Note: It is in this way fundamental to take legitimate aftercare for a new piercing. Nose proficient piercers will give you important information on taking care of piercing on your nose. Also, one can apply Dr.Numb®, a topical numbing cream, to take care of piercing and lessen the pain.

When Should You See a Piercer or Doctor for Help?

You should check with the piercer instantly if there is swelling, which causes the nose ring to press assist into the nose. A bigger ring ought to be useful. An unfavorably susceptible response to nickel from the gems can likewise happen, for which you can change the gems to titanium, bioplast or surgical steel one.

If you find the skin of the nose is hot, has red streaks around the piercing or find a yellow discharge in the area joined by fever, it can be because of an infection. A specialist will must be counseled quickly and anti-infection agents may be required.

You don't need to get rid of the piercing in case of an infection. But, you should follow the aftercare tips daily and keep taking the anti-infection agents till it gets cleared up. The piercing will heal with the passage of time.

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