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8 Lesser Known Uses for Botox

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Oct 30th

8 Lesser Known Uses for Botox

With more and more people realizing the benefits of Botox, it is now considered as one of the best methods for facial rejuvenation. Hence, if you have been craving for looking younger and for longer, it makes a good choice. Learn about different uses of this advanced treatment before you make any decision.

Even if you try a lot to keep it at bay, aging is inevitable. Those signs such wrinkles, fine lines, and many more, start making you look old. Certainly, these are not desirable and you want to get rid of them at any cost, right? And it is not only about you, but everyone around sails in the same boat. Therefore, global anti-aging market size and trends are expected to reach $216.52 billion by 2021.

Now there are many solutions for youthful skin, and it can be quite daunting to choose the right one. Among these, there is one which has been popular for many years now. It is none other than Botox.

Though it’s best known for smoothing wrinkles, however, being derived from one of the most deadly toxins known to man, it has stunned the world for its seemingly endless applications. The best thing is that it is now approved by FDA. Yes, do you know it is approved for nine medical conditions and several cosmetic ones?

Below you will find some of the most fascinating uses of Botox:

It helps you with depression

Experts are still skeptical with the solution; however, the early trials suggest that Botox may alleviate symptoms significantly. Hence, if you or someone else is dealing with depression, you need to know about this treatment.

Basically, it is about the proposed mechanism which is based on what’s called the facial feedback hypothesis. It states that a person’s facial expressions can influence their mood. It was a small 2014 study which was conducted for 74 people with major depressive disorder. It was found that 52% of people who received Botox reported a drop in symptoms six weeks later. However, the study is under clinical trials to see if Botox can treat depression.

It deals with premature ejaculation

Do you know injecting Botox into the penis can relax the muscle and delay ejaculation? Just like depression, the study for ejaculation is currently testing Botox for this issue. Along this, you need to know that the treatment of erectile dysfunction is also being tested in a third-party clinical trial.

It is helpful in treating chronic migraines

It was tested in 2010 with the drug on people with chronic migraines. The results were amazing and Botox was approved for the disorder. However, it was back in 1992 when a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon named Dr. William Binder gave people Botox for wrinkles and reported that they were relieved of headache too. However, there are other medications including anti-seizure, antidepressants, and anti-blood pressure drugs which have also accidentally been found to help migraines. But when it comes to Botox for migraine prevention, people getting 31 injections in different spots on their head and neck, have found to get amazing results.

It relieves from excessive underarm sweating

This is another benefit which was found by doctors when they noticed that their patients being treated for facial spasms were sweating less due to Botox. The scientists at Allergan and outside started studying whether Botox can be a successful therapy to cure a condition called severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis. And it was approved for the treatment in 2004. In fact, a number of people also use Botox to treat overly sweaty hands and feet.

It controls an overactive bladder

It was Dr. Linda Brubaker, dean and chief diversity officer of the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, to find Botox’s effect on overactive bladder. It was found that about 70% of women treated with Botox reported about three leaks a day as compared to the average of five leaks a day at the start of the study.

Here it is worth noticing that there’s a catch. Actually, Botox can shut down the bladder too much. Hence, you need to be careful.

It solves crossed-eyes problem

Are you not happy with your eyes? Do these not line up in the same direction?

Botox treatment might be helpful. Yes, one of the first Botox approvals was for a disorder that affects about 4% of Americans, i.e. strabismus. But make sure you consult your doctor for this.

It treats abnormal heartbeat

Botox is also considered as a therapy to prevent abnormal heartbeat patterns after open-heart surgery. This drug has been in the market for 27 years, and now when there is a good understanding of the safety profile, it is being tried on different treatment areas.

It cures severely cold hands

When Botox is injected into a person’s hand, it helps relaxing muscles that surround constricted blood vessels, treating the course of poor circulation. Therefore, at the Cold Hand Clinic at the University of Chicago, it is being used by doctors to treat people with very cold hands. So, now when the vessels relax and enlarge, it helps with the blood flows through the hand and into the fingertips, providing significant relief.

Lastly, you need to know that Botox is considered to be safe if used in tiny amounts and administered by a licensed professional. However, you need to know that it is not without risks and improper usage can lead to serious side effects.

Plus, you need to know that the process can be extremely painful for some. Though it depends on skin’s sensitivity and your threshold level, yet it is expected to cause some discomfort. Don’t worry! You can escape this pain easily. All you need is a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb® which effectively numbs your skin for three to four hours. Hence, you can have painless Botox treatment done. Actually, it consists of 5% lidocaine and is sufficient to block the pain signals. This means now you can have youthful skin and avail many other benefits without any pain. Isn’t that you have been always dreaming for?