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7 Things About Child Vaccination You Must Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 13th

7 Things About Child Vaccination You Must Know!

Just like other parents, your prime focus is to keep your children safe and healthy, right? So you cannot escape from vaccination. Explore some lesser known things about immunization.

Whether it is about education or diet, every parent in the world wants to give their child the best. And when it comes to health, there is no question of compromise.

New to parenting or you are already proud parents? Whatever the case, you need to realize the significance of childhood vaccines. Though these are a common medical practice, yet many parents are not well educated about the same. Hence, here we have put forth some essential things you need to know about vaccination.

Get started;

Vaccination- It is safe!

First thing comes first; vaccines are safe and necessary. Basically, these work by stimulating a child’s immunity which further produces antibodies to fight against certain infectious diseases. As far as side effects are concerned, there are minor ones such as a low-grade fever and soreness at the injection site. But these are merely reactions to shots which don’t pose any major health problem. For this, most of the clinics are providing fever medication, which is optional and to be used when necessary.

So you don’t need to worry about your child’s safety. In fact, this helps fight and prevent some serious ailments like polio, which would else cause paralysis.

Note: There are few serious allergic reactions including wheezing, hives, breathing difficulty, a fast heartbeat or dizziness reported by World Health Organization (WHO). However, these are “extremely rare”.

Vaccines multiple shots – These won’t overload your baby!

In several studies, it has been found that it is safe to give your baby multiple shots in a day. So don’t worry if your doctor has recommended the same. While there are some vaccines which can be combined into single shots, it turns easier for your child to get fewer injections per visit. You need to understand that each day your little one is exposed to many foreign substances. And these can stimulate the child’s immune system.

But children who were fully vaccinated are found to perform better in some areas of brain development as compared to the group who delayed immunizations. Studies from the University of Louisville stated that babies who get multiple vaccines in their first year of life deal with fewer developmental problems.

Vaccine and autism– it is a hoax!

So far there is no evidence to support the link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. It was back in the year 1998 when Dr. Andrew Wakefield in a study raised concerns about the possible link. And this set off widespread panic among parents. However, later it was found to be seriously flawed.

Vaccines and chicken pox!

It seems like a no-brainer by letting her go through an infection. Do you know a natural chicken infection could lead to serious complications like brain damage, pneumonia, or even death? It is here when vaccines come into play. These interact with the immune system to produce an immune response which is similar to that produced by the natural infection. As per the reports, these will greatly reduce your child’s risk of serious illness and the risk of a disease outbreak. This means vaccination is the best and safest way for children to develop immunity.

Vaccines- Don’t Skip or space out!

The best thing about vaccination is that it has successfully eliminated a number of serious diseases. Vaccine-preventable diseases like polio and measles are now rarely found in a number of countries. Though they continue to circulate in some parts of the world, yet the count has decreased significantly.

Vaccines- Missed doses can be taken again!

Each month your little one will get a scheduled immunization which prevents him from several health complains. But what if you miss out certain doses? If this happens, intentionally or non-intentionally, you can take your child to the clinic for advice. The experts can recommend on how to get up-to-date on those shots, and what you can do to protect your baby.

Generally, kids who miss their first doses at three months of age can start later. And even those who have gotten some of their doses but fallen behind schedule can catch up without having to start over. There are many cases when the child is unwell and shots are given at a later date as immunization is given only given when he is found to be fit.

Tip: Make sure you always inform the doctor if your little one has allergies.

Vaccines- These don’t have to be painful!

The biggest fear among the parents is that shots will be painful and their child couldn’t bear it. Even it is painful, it is still necessary. And relax; you don’t need to keep your kids away from immunization just because of the discomfort. Reason being, you can trust Dr.Numb® for this purpose.

Basically, it is a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. It is a numbing cream which when applied to the skin, causes a numbing sensation for three to four hours. Just apply it 45 minutes before you head off to doctor’s place. It will make their skin numb and they will not feel any pain.

So, now when you have realized the importance of vaccines, never miss them.