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7 Mistakes a Tattoo Artist Can Make

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 26th

7 Mistakes a Tattoo Artist Can Make

Here are the common mistakes made by a tattoo artist.

A tattoo artist creates wonderful design, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes. Even experienced tattoo artist can make mistakes. Here we have roundup some common mistakes of tattoos artist:

Wrong Spellings:

Some of the common spelling mistakes in tattoos are its and its, your and you’re, there, there, and their, which clearly means that an artist is confused over the similar sounding words. Remember, misspelled tattoos are nothing but a blunder. So, carefully select your words and give your artist in written form to avoid the spelling mistake. Like spelling, the other common mistake is placing the commas at wrong places.

Not “Inking” Correct Phrases:

A slight change in phrases can either spoil or change the meaning. Tell your tattoo artist beforehand what you want to avoid the tattoo regret later.

Not Using Numbing Cream:

No, tattoo artists are not sadist or take your scream as the daily business. They want to make their client comfortable so that they can finish their tattoo without disturbance. This is why many artists either apply numbing cream or tell the customer to do so. Sadly, if they forget to apply numbing cream and your pain threshold is weaker, the result is only scream and scream.

Not Able to Create What Client Wants:

This also happens in tattoo business! Many times a client come in with a tattoo picture and wish to have the exactly. And it goes wrong which means tattoo regret. So, you must consider a good tattoo artist if you refer to the design given in a picture.


In most cases, client want exact two inch over shoulder or biceps but the actual results are just disappointing. Well, it can be justified as making tattoo is very difficult thing to do.

Perfection is Missing:

Many so called tattoo professionals keep on repeating mistakes on their clients. But they don’t consider training to get their skill correct.

Not Practicing Hygiene:

Practicing a standard hygiene is very important in tattoo business as it involves “needling” of skin. Sadly, you may find some tattoo artist don’t take these things seriously. They don’t wear gloves and use inferior inks and contaminated needles, making their client prone to the several health hazards.

So, these are the some common mistakes committed by tattoo artists. But if you choose a professional and reputed tattoo artist, the chances of these mistakes are slightly less.