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7 Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 6th

7 Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

Tattooing hurts, you! However, there are several spots in our body where tattoos pain goes dramatically lower.

For getting those fascinating tattoo designs, there are pain, screams and discomfort on your way. If it’s your first time, a sight of needle machine running over the skin may upset you. But the level of pain is not so extreme on some body parts as they have less nerve endings, which send pain signal to the brain. Besides, the abundance of flesh with less prominence of bone also lowers the pain and cushions the sensation of the needle. Here, we have summed up such least painful body areas for tattooing.


Finger is one of the least painful areas for getting tattoos. As an added bonus, it looks trendy and stylish. Since fingers are quite small and have less nerve endings, you experience a very less pain. There are many stylish designs to choose for your fingers.

Outer Shoulder:

Outer shoulder tattoos look cool, stylish and are bigger. And icing on the cake is that they make you feel less pain! They are least painful because there is plenty of flesh acting as cushion for the needle. You can also expand them to the sleeves and back tattoos. If your workplace doesn’t allow tattooing, shoulder tattoos are easily covered.


Tattooing on the thighs is less painful as the leg muscles are good at tolerating pain. The abundance of fat and muscles with low nerve ending makes it least painful area for tattooing. Tattooing on the thighs looks very stylish and sensuous as well. Make sure the tattoo design doesn’t invade to your inner thighs region, as it is erogenous zone and having more nerve receptors. Thigh tattoos look absolutely adorable when you flaunt them with shorts.

Inner Side of Wrist:

Wrists’ inner sides don’t get hurt when the needle touches them because of their thin skin and less prominence of bones. Tattooing on the wrist looks very cute! Wrist tattoos are in rage nowadays and can be easily noticeable in celebrities. Go ahead and choose from heart, quotes and other enchanting design for your wrist.

Upper Area of the Back:

You can get big and attractive tattoos with small pain. That is the striking thing about the back tattoos. Since back is the larger part with less nerve endings, it provides more space to get a tattoo with less pain. Simply means you get an attractive tattoo that can be flaunt with a backless dress. But don’t let the design reach to your spinal area as it is the boney part.


Above the ankle and below the knee is an eye catching place to have a tattoo on. It is the highly visible area to flaunt your tattoo with the shorts and skirts. And forget about the lot of pain as this area has very less nerve endings.

The Neck:

Neck tattoos are stylish without hurting you so much as there are not so many nerve endings there. You can flaunt them by keeping your hair short or putting up your long hair.

Bottom Line:

Use a good quality of numbing cream at least 40 minutes before to make the pain even less!