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7 Essential Facts To Understand About Fillers For Acne Scars

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 24th

7 Essential Facts To Understand About Fillers For Acne Scars

Thinking of filler treatment for acne scars? Before you get into the process you must know in and outs of it. Here you will get detailed information. Start reading!

Are you frustrated with those active breakouts? You are not only one. There are 60 million people in the U.S. having acne.

So it is a common problem. But what makes the problem worst is about those scars which are left behind. Usually, scars occur on the skin during the healing period, when the formation of collagen is disrupted. These turn up stubborn and might remain permanent if proper treatment is not taken.

Worried for your skin? Need to get rid of those unwanted scars?

Among all the methods, there is one most popular treatment which is used and trusted by people worldwide. It is none other than fillers for acne scars.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Basically, fillers are gel-like substances which when injected into your scars, help to smoothen them. You need to understand that your skin cells lead to the formation of the protein collagen. It is the amount of collagen which makes your skin plump and youthful. Plus, it also repairs and restores the damaged skin. However, skin problems like acne scars and wrinkles reduce the amount of collagen present inside.

There can be different types of acne scars. The list majorly includes ice pick, rolling, and boxcar. These can be effectively treated with dermal fillers. While this process helps to soften the scars, it will eventually blend them into your normal skin. So this can be a preferred choice if you want to restore volume to your face. Even if your skin tissues have degenerated with age, resulting into formation of wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers can be used.

Below are listed top 10 facts to make you understand about the treatment in detail.

  1. Understanding the process: First thing, it cannot be done at home. So the procedure has to be done in a doctor’s clinic. To start with the process, a professional usually prefer the application of a topical anesthetic cream. As the process can be little painful it is just to numb the skin surface. After then, the filler will be injected into the areas required. These fillers will be healing the damaged skin and the ingredients will fill skin’s surface. It is the gel-like substance which acts as an inflated cushion to support skin tissues which have lost volume due to injury.
  2. Time took: For a complete session of injecting dermal fillers for acne scars it will take up to somewhere an hour. As it will be done in multiple sessions, for each session the duration will be somewhere around ten to thirty minutes. However, it will depend upon the number of scars to be treated.
  3. Recovery period: While most of the patients are able to resume their normal routine immediately, in some cases a little precaution can be advised. This is in the case if the treated area is large. It will take a few days for complete recovery. So you have to be bit careful.
  4. Discomfort: As stated above the procedure is quite painful. It makes use of numerous tiny injections with a very fine needle in order to place the filler. Usually, the pain felt during the treatment is said to be minor. But it cannot be overlooked. Hence, to keep yourself away from pain, do carry Dr.Numb® with you. It is a numbing cream with 5% lidocaine. Being an FDA certified product it can be used for all skin types. Just apply it 45 minutes beforehand. It works by blocking pain signals for three to four hours.
  5. Outcomes: When it comes to results, after injecting dermal fillers for acne scars you will see the difference immediately. However, actual effect will be visible after few days. With the passage of time, your scars will vanish away. Plus, it will also add fullness to the skin. The fillers attract and bind water in the area of injection which will improve the skin texture. As far as downtime is concerned, the effect of the dermal fillers will last for a few months.
  6. Cost: How much a dermal filler treatment cost will depend on various factors. From location to the reputation of the surgeon to the extent of the procedure, different things can affect the cost. The minimum cost will start somewhere from a few hundred to several hundred dollars.
  7. Side Effects: The best part is that the side effects are rare. However, in some cases, you might have to face signs like redness, bruising, and inflammation at the injection site. In the beginning, the filler may also be seen under the skin as tiny bumps. But with time these bumps often flatten up.

So, now you can decide whether you want to live with acne scars or not.