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7 Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men: Go Voguish In Masculine Way!

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 29th

7 Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men: Go Voguish In Masculine Way!

Men are never far behind when it comes to being voguish. It is the major reason why they are keenly interested in getting tattooed these days. Find out here which tattoo styles are in trend for all the handsome hunks out there.

With more number of young people having tattoos and piercings these days, it is worth seeing the increasing craze among the men out there. Well, there are various reasons why men want a tattoo on their body. For some it is a form of self-expression to others it is a way to confess their feeling for someone they love.

The reason changes, the trend continues

While men express themselves through tattoos these days, in earlier times tattooing was famous among those who were rebels, sailors, rock stars, or jail inmates. Basically, it was as an act of shunning society itself.

And now this form of body modification is not only about self-expression but also a fashion statement. So, today men choose to tattoo themselves for various reasons including affiliations, and even for memories. For example, the famous footballer David Beckham got his wife and children's names tattooed.

What kind of tattoos men usually prefer?

Yes, there are various tattoos which are specifically designed for men. Years back, specific tattoos were only applied to a certain group of people, for example, sailors had specific tattoos. Even today these are categorized. Yes, there are certain tattoos that are considered perfect for men only.

Want to know about them?

Below you will find a list of tattoos which are just ideally masculine;

Zombie Stitches Tattoos:

If you want to have a wrist tattoo, this makes a perfect choice. These are not necessarily macabre; instead, these depict a good sense of humor. Ask your artist to create a classier one for you. When done precisely, these look quite real.

Celtic Cross Tattoos:

Time to get religious! But not necessarily, these look quite funky and masculine as well. So, for men who want to keep it simple yet classy, this can be a good choice. You can place them anywhere, shoulder, wrist, arms, or anywhere your love to.

Skulls Tattoos

Have you ever seen a girl with skull tattoo? Chances are very rare. These are truly a manly choice and you can get this part of the skeletal structure inked. Most of the times, it is preferred to be done on forearms. However, this doesn’t have to be a restriction. Having a skull engraved can be taken as a reminder that everyone has to die.

Fire Tattoos:

The bold, colorful and meaningful tattoos are loved by men of all groups. While a flame can mean various things such as passion, destruction, transformation, and energy, fire with smoke can be symbolized for rituals and religious ceremonies. You can also opt for the flame in the form of candles or torches, representing hope and vigil. Besides, fire can also be treated as a sign of aggression and the power of destruction. And for those who wish to make it more artistic, you can add more color to your flame.

Nautical Star Tattoos:

Usually, these are associated with the sailors. But things are changing now. Just can add many more simple designs to the star and you can make a design which appears more visually pleasing. People prefer giving it a hint of red, black, blue and grey.

The best way to adore this style is to get it tattooed on the forearm or wrist. Associated with wild ways, you can use them to express your wilder side. As far as the size is concerned, it can be big or small, as per your choice.

Name Tattoos:

Want to express your love to the special someone? Nothing could beat the idea of getting their name tattooed. It turns out to be an ultimate symbol of your undying loyalty and love for your other half. So, if you want to show how much you are willing to be with them, going through a little painful tattoo process is not a bad deal. It is the best way to show how devoted you are to her.

Scripts Tattoos:

There are men who enjoy indulging in mythical sayings or phrases. Why not have those deep meanings engraved on your body? Sound interesting? Get inked your favorite quote, saying, etc. and express your feelings without uttering a single word. Usually, people prefer getting these types of tattoos done on their shoulder blades. But it is your choice; you can quite unique scripts such as verses which you think are most meaningful to you, on your back as well.

Certainly, this is not the only choice you have. But yes, these have turned to be the newest trend in the modern world. Men from all across the globe seem willing to add one to their body.

Whatever you choose, just remember it is going to be painful. It includes insertion of the needle and this is going to cause discomfort. To make it a painless experience, make sure you carry a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb® along. It has to be applied 45 minutes before you start with the procedure. Basically, it blocks the pain signals at the nerve endings, making your skin numb for three to four hours. Hence, you will not feel any pain.

Go and flaunt your tattoo, fearlessly!