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6 Fun Facts About Ear Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 28th

6 Fun Facts About Ear Piercing

Love it or hate it, ear piercing has been around since ages. The only difference is it was part of custom and cultural tradition back then, whereas it has become a fashion statement nowadays. You will find every second person around you with pierced earlobes. So, if you have also fallen for the trend and sensed a growing fondness for ear piercing, there are certain facts you need to know right and watch out for before going completely all out.

Healthy reproductive system

In accordance with Ayurveda, ear lobe is considered to be the most important part of body for reproductive organs.This is because of a point which is located right in the middle of the lobe that helps in regulating menstrual cycle of females and healthiness of male reproductive organ. Not only that,ear piercing is believed to be a permanent cure of ailments like hydrocele and herniain males.

Healthy development of brain with enhanced memory

According to facts listed in ancient Indian science, ear piercing helps in triggering of a particular point connected to the both hemispheres of the human brain. Piercing results in activation of right and left parts of the brain, resulting in healthy growth of brain with an enhanced memory.

This is one of the reasons why most parents get their child’s ear pierced at an age when their mind is in development stage.

Improved eyesight

Acupuncture experts believe that eyesight and better vision are directly linked to ear lobes. There is a point which lies right in the middle of the lobes. Applying pressure to that point results in improving one’s vision.


Those who suffer from a continuous pulsing sound in the ears should get their ears pierced. This is what acupressure experts suggest. This is because there are two vital acupressure points, which include master cerebral and master sensorial points that are responsible for one’s better ear health.

Helps fight anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder

As you know ear lobes are home to the master cerebral point – an area which is responsible for management of disorders like nervousness, anxiety, fear, and OCD. Piercing ear helps your brain function normally and unfold the situation like fear, nervousness and anxiety.

Improved digestive system

If you don’t want your kid to suffer from constipation, better get his/her ear pierced. Because a point which gets stimulated following the process of ear piercing is linked to one’s digestive system. As per the acupressure therapists, ear lobe has a hunger pressure point which helps in proper functioning of one’s digestive system. It helps in digestion of food and curbing obesity.

These are few reasons why you should get ears of your child pierced. Once you are done with piercing, there are certain things you should keep in mind in order to keep post piercing complications at bay.

Complication rate is up to 35 percent

As per a survey conducted back in 1998, on an average 35 percent people face some kind of complication. Complications were reported in form of infection or septic. However complications cannot be typically categorized under major ailments, but healing time taken was longer than average. In most cases this happens if piercing is done in unhygienic environment. Pierce performing piercing without wearing gloves or without sterilizing instruments are classified under unhygienic environment.

Other issues you may have to face are allergy, redness due to infection, and longer time to heal than usual.