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6 Type Of Hair Removal You Need To Know

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 11th

6 Type Of Hair Removal You Need To Know

Whether you want to get rid of your facial hair or those from your bikini line, you landed here to look for some efficient ways to remove hair from your body. Isn’t it?

Hair removal methods were explained in the last post too. These included the use of depilatory creams, sugaring, and shaving. But this is not all! Science and technology has made it possible to say good bye excess-hair through modern day techniques such as laser removal and electrolysis.

So are you curious about the different types of hair removal? Want to know how can you easily get rid of your excessive hair and some fuzz? Then here's everything you need to know about them;


It is one of the more painful options, still it is loved. Reason being, it involves removing hair from the root, and yes, it also lasts longer. In this process, wax is applied to the skin, which when sticks to hairs is quickly ripped off with a cloth strip. Hence, it helps pulling the hairs out with it.

How much it hurt?

It is about pulling off very large and sticky bandages. No doubt, the procedure is relatively quick, but it is painful. Not to worry! You can use Dr.Numb®. This topical anesthetic cream contains 5% lidocaine. Being an innovative solution it is best for present day challenges in dermal pain management. Manufactured in a state-of-the art FDA and GMP-compliant facility, it offers amazing performance and results.

Laser hair removal:

It is the best long-term option which involves destroying the roots with light. Thanks to technology that it introduced an option to perform laser hair-removal so that you don’t need to visit parlors frequently. Yes, this option can be permanent as it reduces the amount of hair, making them finer and lighter. If you are someone with darker hair and lighter skin, it is very useful to you.

How much it hurt?

Well, the pain associated with laser hair-removal is very less as compared to other popular methods. Still, if you feel the pain, you can go for applying Dr.Numb® before your session.


Being the only FDA-approved form of permanent hair removal, this one works by destroying the root of each hair at the follicle. It is accomplished with the help of electric current. In many cases, laser hair removal is not always the best option. It depends on the type of hair or skin. But electrolysis can work for any type.

How much it hurt?

Good thing is that there is just a stinging sensation for each follicle. So, it might be or might not be painful, again depending on your threshold.

Of course, there are cheap alternatives such as tweezing and threading, but these don’t work ideally and don’t offer longevity too. So, it is better to go for any of the above mentioned choices and keep your skin from hair and problems, altogether.