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6 Things To Know Before Microblading Session

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 15th

6 Things To Know Before Microblading Session

Eyebrows are the focal point of your face. And if you are looking forward to microblading to get the desired shape, it is essential to learn about the process in details. Find out 6 major things which you need to know before you get it done.

Are you highly obsessed with getting the perfect eyebrows?

Of course, women are desperate to have the perfect arch. But is it possible to wake up each morning with perfectly coiffed, full, and filled brows?

All thanks to technology which has made it possible. Yes, with the evolution of procedures like microblading, this can be achieved.

What is microblading? Is it similar to eyebrow tattoos?

Firstly, please don’t confuse microblading with the eyebrow tattoos of yesteryear. It is entirely different from the latter practice where people would shave off their brows hair and tattoo unnatural-looking lines.

In fact, it is a cosmetic technique which is becoming increasingly popular for the results produced. With this method, you can expect bolder brows with a natural appearance. It is basically done using a small, handheld tool topped off with microneedles. The tool is used to deposit pigment under the first layer of skin via strokes and these resemble brow hairs ideally.

While the process is getting a good response, however, it is essential to learn about the same. Hence, before you book a microblading session, here are six factors to consider. Have a look;

It requires a reputable artist

First thing comes first; you cannot get microblading done from just anywhere. You cannot ignore the fact that you need to find a technician who is experienced enough to handle your brows. There are people who went for some low budget professionals and later they repent their decision in the long run.

As there are so many people taking courses to become microblading technicians, it can be challenging to make a right choice. In such a case, look for certified professionals and don’t forget to check the reviews of their previous customers.

It is painful, but there's a catch

Generally, it is said the process is pain-free. However, the reality is bit different. It can be a painful experience, depending severely on your skin’s sensitivity and threshold. But there is some good news for you!

It is possible to eliminate pain from the process. Wondering how? Simply, you can use a topical anesthetic cream to numb your skin. It can be Dr.Numb® which comes with 5% lidocaine and is easily available over the counter. You have to apply 45 minutes before you start the procedure. Once applied, it makes your skin numb for three to four hours. This means you can get the process completed without any fear of discomfort.

It will be difficult to wash your face

Yes, you read it right! This problem might persist for somewhere around a week. Just after you get your brows done; it is not possible to wash them for a week straight. This can be little weird and problematic for those who love to wear makeup.

However, you can make use of some good quality foaming face wipes before and after you apply makeup. And you can also use Q-tips to remove liner and mascara. Just make sure that when showering, it's imperative you face away from the shower head. Similarly, be careful when you wash your hair.

It will be too itchy

You can compare the process to a prison tattoo where they cut the skin with the blade. It is then filled with ink and wiped away. So, just like tattooing, even in this case scab sheds, scabs over again, and then sheds again. And it is the same reason which makes your brows itchy. Remember, you cannot pick off dead skin, or scratch it; else you will have to face numerous problems.

Again Dr.Numb® comes to your rescue here! You can apply this ointment whenever your brows get too itchy. You can apply it the same way you did at the time of the session. As it blocks the pain signals at the nerve ending, it will cause a numbing sensation.

It saves time and efforts in the long run

Certainly, microblading helps you flaunt your perfectly shaped eyebrows. But that’s not all! There is much more you achieve. There are no bald spots and you don’t need time to fill in them with powder or a pencil. Yes, you are saved from the struggle of getting early every morning to set your brows. Having them ready in morning will be a huge win.

It calls for multiple appointments

Without any doubt, microblading is expensive. While costs can differ from region to region, you will require spending a considerable amount on the follow-up appointments too. These can be scheduled anywhere from six to eight weeks later. Here it is important to note that you absolutely need the second appointment. Reason being, the technician will hit the areas which might have gone missed due to swelling. This means if you avoid this appointment, there can be some scarce areas, and you might not get the desired shape.

So, consider all the points and make a wise decision for when and where to go for microblading. Don’t rush, keep calm, and choose wisely!