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6 Simple Ways to Make Waxing Less Painful!

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 29th

6 Simple Ways to Make Waxing Less Painful!

Tell everybody that waxing is one of the quickest and viable approaches to bid farewell to undesirable hair and as a methodology it is surely a major jump from shaving. All you need is to follow the 6 simple ways to make waxing less painful.

No matter whether summers are starting or ending, but one thing that you always want is to expel unwanted hairs from your body. There are a few who have a fear of pain, and because of that they shave. It’s easy, fast and less painful, but the following day only the hairs began to grow back again, which means it's the ideal opportunity for another shave.

And, then the time comes when you become weary of shaving so regularly. Therefore, considering waxing is a great idea at this time. But, if you are scared of pain, then research first before you go for a wax.

Below are the 6 easy ways to make waxing a last painful process;

01. Exfoliate: Removing all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface will allow the wax to better grip shorter hair. Because of this, always exfoliate the day before you know you’re going to wax.

2.0 Wax after your period: Your pain threshold is lower the week prior to your period and higher up to 14 days after. In this way, if you choose to wax, ensure you do it a while later. The ideal time would be around the time you're ovulating.

03. Decide on hard wax: Despite the fact that soft wax can make you think it is gentler than hard wax, that is not by any means true. Hard wax is the gentler of the two so make a point to use that. Also, in case you're going to have it done at a spa or salon, ensure they use hard wax as well.

04. Exhale and inhale: The way you inhale can help control the pain as well. For a less excruciating experience, inhale when you apply the wax, and exhale when you give the strip a yank.

05. Try not to drink: Having a drink before you wax may quiet your nerves, however, the liquor will make your body more defenseless to pain. Thus, the treatment will hurt significantly more than it should.

06. Take a pain reliever: An hour prior to waxing, take an over-the-counter pain reliever, for example, Ibuprofen, Advil or Aspirin. Or, ask your waxer to apply a topical numbing cream like, Numb or NumbSkin. It will help control the pain and decrease aggravation.

Have you tried these tips? If so, do they work for you? Did you try any other treatment that worked well? Then, do share with us in the comments section given below!