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6 Simple and Natural Ways to Heal Your Ear Piercing at Home

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 21st

6 Simple and Natural Ways to Heal Your Ear Piercing at Home

Ear piercing is a popular fashion today. Undoubtedly, it has evolved significantly with the passage of time. But what about the infections and other problems associated with this form of body art? Yes, the problem is still the same. Not anymore! Here’s how you can heal it in a natural way.

The large variety of earrings in the market make you go for them whenever you see them, isn’t it? Regardless of the voguish jewelry range, people love to get their ear pierced for a number of reasons. In fact, it is the most common form of piercing, which is popular all across the globe. For this reason, not only ladies but even males are also eager to get it done. But, it is worth noticing that once the piercing takes place, the individual might suffer from severe pain and difficulties.

Below are listed some easy solutions to get safer and healthier piercing done. Read on.

Indian lilac:

Having a handful of Neem can make healing simpler and quicker. Boil the water with Indian Lilac leaves in it and continue the same until it becomes green in color. You have to apply this solution over the place where you feel pain or inflammation.

The other way is to prepare a paste out of Neem leaves. You can grind some soaked leaves and forma thick paste of it. Apply the paste gently over the affected area and leave it to dry for 10 minutes. Wash it carefully.


Are you dealing with infection in your ear? Don’t worry; it can be resolved with the alcohol treatment. Just take a little alcohol and dip a cotton ball it. Apply it over the place and let it dry.


This homemade antiseptic ingredient can help you treat all types of ear piercing infections. It will work well and will not cost you much. Bring some water to boil and add a pinch of turmeric in it. Cover the solution and let the turmeric powder dissolve in the warm water. With help of a cotton ball apply it all over the place where the ear piercing infection is or suspected to be. Doing the same method twice in a day helps you to stay away from ear infection.

Salt water treatment:

It is a natural and simple solution to treat the ear piercing infection. All you have to do is boil some water in a container, add salt over it, mix it and let the solution cool. When it gets little lukewarm dip a cotton ball in the salt water solution, and slowly rub it over the pierced area. This prevents you from infection and makes healing faster.

Ice cubes:

In case, you find nothing near you, simply open the refrigerator and apply some ice cubes. Yes, in emergency, even this can work as a wonder in treating the ear piercing infection. You can make the ice cubes smaller in size and gently rub it over the area. This method works really well in making the inflamed skin.

Antibacterial soap:

You can get it prescribed by your doctor and buy any soap with antifungal and anti bacterial properties. Or you can buy them generally from any of the medical store. Daily wash the infected area with it. This keeps you stay away from the inflammation and pain of ear piercing.

In the end, when you are going for an ear piercing activity, make sure to get a sterilized tool. Do not try this alone at home, using any sharp material. This can make your situation worse. Go for processional help