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6 Most Popular Tattoo Styles This Year So Far

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jan 21st

6 Most Popular Tattoo Styles This Year So Far

So, you’re looking to get unique tattoos! Before heading to the tattoo studio, have a look at these awesome tattoo designs in 2016.

When client’s desire to get something unique meets tattoo artist’s aesthetic sense, new tattoos styles are born. From the past few years, there has been a lot of experiment on the illustrations and sizes, resulting in insane and jaw dropping tattoos. People are getting tattoos on those places which were out of scene some years ago. Plus, heritage and meaningful tattoos haven’t lost their craze yet among the tattoo lovers. Let’s see the tattoos styles that have been in rage this year so far.

Fine Line Black and Grey Tattoo:

The fine line styling tattoos is one of the popular styles today because they look elegant and “mysterious”. Plus, they are less painful than the color tattoos as latter penetrates your skin more to make the ink goes deeper. But a line based black and grey tattoos just scratch the surface and are easier to make. These reasons are driving the tattoos enthusiasts, especially newbies to get them.

Tiny Tattoos:

Well, you can get them anywhere on your body and they look adorable and are the good choice for them who stay away from loud tattoos. Some of the popular tiny tattoos styles are semicolon on wrist, anklet on ankle, fairy on the back of shoulder, and diamond on the finger.

Watercolor Tattoos:

Watercolor tattoos look more a colorful sketching art than the traditional single color tattooing. But it is not easy for all tattoo artists as it requires more contrasting and shades. You must consider a professional tattoo artist for that as it will appear as the printing picture if things go wrong. They are cute—if done right.

Geometric Tattoos:

Geometric tattoos have been a big hit since last year! They look mysterious, gothic and carry a deep symbolic significance. Besides, they are based on the science of symmetry and perfection, showing a balance between the elements. Some of the popular geometric tattoos are Mandala, Ourobours, and Owl. They look cool on the wrists, arms, and ribs.

Samoan Tattoos:

The most original and basic form of tattoos is still alive amidst the rage of new styles. Samoan tattoos have a typical tribal look and are drawn with black ink; and cover the large parts of your body. Some of the popular designs in this style are shells, Marquesan cross, sun and turtle. Samoan tattoos are generally meant for men, though some women are also giving them a try.

Trash Polka Tattoos:

Trash Polka is the breakthrough tattooing style which resembles the fine art collages combining with realistic images, making it very chaotic. Only red and black inks are used in drawing trash polka tattoos.

If you love dramatic, loud and unique styles, you can go for trash polka tattoos. But the sad thing is that they fade over time. But we must say that it’s a rare style that combines unusual yet deep aesthetic sense to produce an unmatched creativity.

So, these are some of the popular tattoos styles this year so far. Before getting them, consider the quality of studio, tattoo artist qualification and dab a numbing cream. Get ready to flaunt your style!!