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6 Myths about Permanent Makeup

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Apr 5th

6 Myths about Permanent Makeup

Here we have busted common myths about permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is the ray of hope for those who have diminished facial features or lost it due to ageing or medical condition. In permanent makeup, iron oxides are embedded into the skin with a needle to draw eye lining, lips and eyelids. It is also known as cosmetic tattooing because of its process resembles tattooing. Permanent makeup came into existence in 20 th century with the efforts of George Burchett, an English tattooist.

It is an expertly done makeup making you free from the hassle of doing makeup daily. Every morning, you wake up with your makeup.

However, people have several misconceptions about permanent makeup, especially those who are beginners. Here we have busted those myths out here.

Myth: Permanent Makeup is a Cosmetic Surgery:

It is absolutely false! Cosmetic surgery is a broad discipline of medicine to enhance the appearance through surgical and medical technique, requiring certified medical experts. On the other hand, permanent makeup is all about embedding ink on the top layers of the skin. In simple words, permanent make up draws your facial features while cosmetic surgery is the complicated medical process involving incisions and medications.

Myth: Permanent Makeup is Always Permanent:

Ironically, permanent makeup is not permanent. It starts fading over the time, requiring you to go for touch ups to maintain ink vibrancy. Besides, you should follow the precautions like wearing sunscreen, avoid exfoliation over the treated area and using ointment before swimming or water contact.

Myth: Permanent Makeup Does Hurt:

Since permanent makeup resembles tattooing, there is widely accepted notion that the process is painful. While the treatment can cause discomfort, a light pigmentation process shouldn’t be that painful. You can use Dr.Numb® numbing cream one hour prior to your permanent makeup. It will dull your nerve endings so that you feel least pain throughout the process.

MYTH: Permanent makeup looks unnatural or Overlapping

Permanent makeup resembles the look of just applied makeup like eye lining, lips and eyelids. It is natural and like your real makeup, only if you get it done from a professional and experienced artist.

MYTH: Permanent Makeup is Risky:

Like other tattooing and cosmetic process, permanent makeup is safe as long as you follow the instructions and aftercare. You also have to choose the right artist as there are many cases where permanent makeup has gone wrong. You must share your medical condition with your artist before the treatment so that latter know which dye is compatible for your skin. These simple instructions are essential to make your permanent makeup safe and efficient.

MYTH: It’s Only for Women

Permanent makeup is for both men and women. Even men’s facial features are diminished as they age, requiring them to undergo permanent makeup. However, you must choose the artist who is experienced in doing permanent make up for male.

So, you must have understood about permanent makeup and its characteristics. You have got an idea that a safe and good permanent makeup depends on artist’s expertise, instructions and aftercare.