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6 Microneedling Benefits That Will Make You Go Wow!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 19th

6 Microneedling Benefits That Will Make You Go Wow!

At the time when your skin starts losing its elastin and collagen, you start experimenting with your skin. However, all you need to do is look for a solution which treats your skin without any side-effects. Mircroneedling can be helpful. Here’s why!

Is your skin prone to acne? Do you fear for problems like wrinkles, fine lines, or scarring?

Then there are good chances that you have tried a number of things on your face. Skin problem have a serious effect on one’s life. These can drop down your level of confidence significantly. But you don’t need to worry!

There is a treatment which can be really helpful in curing several skin issues. It is about microneedling.

Basically, it is a radical medical cosmetic treatment which works as a collagen induction therapy. It can be carried out in a clinic by a professional. Being a new age kin care treatment, it is gaining popularity for many reasons including the fact that it brings forth positive results quickly.

And then there are many other potential benefits which you must know.

So, here is the list of advantages microneedling has to offer your skin. Have a look;

Fights acne and cystic acne

Say good-bye to those acne now and microneedling treats acne scars extensively. Not only this, but it can help preventing their occurrence in future. The results are due to the fact that microneedling results in a reduction of sebum production. Thus, it will make the skin less oily and reducing oil production it lessens the chances of acne and black heads too.

Microneedling is greatly helpful as you can get the treatment done even if you are having active breakouts. Otherwise there are procedures such as dermaplaning which cannot be done if you have active pimples.

Better exfoliation of the skin

Exfoliation basically refers to removing the upper surface of the epidermis. This process is important for skin as those dead skin cells live on epidermis layer leads to clogging of skin. Removing this layer of the epidermis makes your skin look fresh and smooth almost instantly. Hence, any treatment which mechanically disrupts the epidermis, results into exfoliation.

Boosts the quality and texture of your skin

You need to understand that collagen and elastin are the two essential components of your skin. Altogether, these give your skin the normal "plump" look which you desire for. However, in early 30’s this collagen starts to degrade naturally. It is here when you start noticing slight changes and sagging of skin.

The good news is microneedling will be helpful. Generally, it takes about 1 hour long and includes the pinpoint bleeding. Sometime, you might face slight redness which occurs for up to about 1-1.5 days. But that is not a big problem as it gets fine in sometime and afterwards you will notice an immediate improvement in the texture of your skin. It is the pinprick process of needles which actually stimulate and leads to remodeling of existing collagen. This further promotes formation of new collagen and revascularization.

Lesser pock marks and scarring

One of the major benefits is that skin needling helps reduction of acne scars. Wondering how? Actually, when you have any sort of scarring on your face, your body undergoes a process known as fibrosis naturally. The procedure is good when healing as it makes everything stick together. However, when the glue beneath the skin gets stronger and pulls the skin down, it causes pock marks or scarring.

You can count on microneedling procedure to help "break up" all of the glue and fibrosis underneath the skin. This means, it allows the skin to set free and release the surface of the skin. So, it will result in a smoother surface.

Reduces black heads

Are you fed up of those black heads which occur unwontedly? No more you need to tolerate these as the controlled trauma and thousands of needle pokes can knock out black heads easily. Plus, the best part is that you will see the results immediately. Yes, just after a treatment or two, you will notice a reduction in the total volume of black heads on your face.

Generally, the reduction in black heads doesn’t last forever. However, it lasts somewhere around 3 to 4 weeks and it is the same period after which you would need to do the procedure again. Additionally, you can reduce black head and pore size following an appropriate aftercare and application of Vitamin C serum.

Reduces aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles

The small holes created by the thousands of needles during mircroneedling treatment leads to release of collagen naturally. Hence, it causes growth factors to "repair" and "heal" from the micro-damage that has been caused. With the punctures created on skin surface, you body overreacts to the small trauma and initiated the healing process. This helps in release of growth factors which increases collagen and elastin levels. Along this, the stimulation of collagen results in the formulation of tons of little blood vessels which supply more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the dermis. So, overall combination of these changes helps in reduction of wrinkles and tightens existing skin to make you look younger.

While it is safe overall, it is necessary to understand that involves insertion of several micro-needles. Hence, it will be painful. But that doesn’t restraints you from undergoing the treatment. You can switch to a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. Being a lidocaine based cream, it consists 5% numbing agent which is safe to use on skin. It has been used and recommended by people all around the world for number of reasons.

When you are choosing Dr.Numb® for microneedling, make sure you apply it 45 minutes before you step out for your session. On application, it will cause a numbing sensation which lasts for somewhere around 3 to 4 hours. Thus, it will make the process pain free and you can welcome smoother skin.

In short, getting flawless and beautiful skin turns easier now!