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6 Golden Rules to Remember for Choosing Skin care Products

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 9th

6 Golden Rules to Remember for Choosing Skin care Products

When it comes to the skin care, there are number of products which are available in the market today. But are they all safe for your skin? Learn here about some reasons you need to make switch from chemical world to the natural skincare products.

Do you want to maintain healthy and youthful skin appearance?

Of course, everyone would answer YES to this, and that’s why most of us spend a hefty amount on skin care products. However, this investment doesn’t ensure that it will do only good to your skin.

Actually, it is about the chemicals found in different beauty products which can do more harm than the good. Yes, these can damage your skin and also have negative impact on the environment. It is the major reason behind the increasing interest of people in natural skincare products. Do you know in 2016 57 percent of U.S. women said that it was important to buy all-natural skin-care products?

Why to ditch chemical based products?

To make things clear, here are few noteworthy facts which you need to know about the chemical beauty products available in the market.

  • The first and major concern is that regulation of cosmetic and personal-care products are slim. Hence, the manufacturers get an easy approval for the products they launch.
  • Skin care and beauty products, ranging from lotions, cleaners, to scrubs, make use of inorganic compounds and petroleum-based gels. No mineral oils are naturally harvested from plants and thus, these easily clog your pores. Regular application leads to loss of your skin’s natural ability to expel toxins, ultimately causing problem such as increased acne and aging signs.
  • Next, majority of the store-bought skin care ingredient labels are downright scary. With thousands of chemicals in your products, there is no doubt that these are being directly absorbed into your body. And as stated, there is little government review or approval required, the skin care industry is highly unregulated.
  • You need to know that using chemicals on your body can limit your skin’s natural healing processes. As it affects your body’s immune system, it can hamper the health of your eyes and your respiratory system too. Plus, these chemicals are skin irritants, which cause dry, red, and flaky skin.
  • A number of harmful chemicals are present in your washes, scrubs and lotions, such as parabens and synthetic colors which can be very dangerous. For example, there are some fragrances used in these products which can cause severe associated with allergies and respiratory distress. Similarly, there are ingredients like toluene and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that can lead to kidney and respiratory damage.
  • Coming to the environment, these are petroleum-based oils which are composed of unsustainable fossil fuel. Moreover, the plastic packaging is a huge waste. Just think of those plastic jars and bottles which are later required to be disposed of, as these cannot be recycled by customers.

Does this mean you need to ditch away the skin products completely? Well, it is understood that using natural products require more of your time and efforts. Hence, if you wish to continue with those products easily available in the market, make sure you purchase them carefully. Here are some rules to follow and select the best products for your skin.

#Rule 1: Use specific products for skin problems

Do you have some skin problem? Acne? Wrinkles? Or any other problem you are dealing with, make sure you use a particular product, addressing the issue specifically. For instance, if it is about sunburn, you need to pick a particular product which is only specialized in treating sunburns. To be on the safe side, avoid over the counter drugs when treating skin conditions and seek professional help.

#Rule 2: Choose a gentle cleanser

When it is about skin care regime, the most important thing is cleansing. Whether you are applying a foundation or a moisturizer, it is essential to have a clean skin to allow for proper interaction of the skin and the intended products. Hence, pick a good and natural cleansing product as it will help reduce any reactions in future.

#Rule 3: Go for natural products

As stated earlier, chemical based products can do harm to your skin, you need to opt for the natural ingredients. There are several skin care products which consist of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and chamomile. These will keep your skin healthier and supple, without any side effects.

#Rule 4: Consider some treatment

With the growing age number increases the skin problems. If this is the case, buying products all alone might not be helpful. Plus, these don’t work on your skin as required because your skin is not healthy internally. For this you can switch to any of the treatment like dermarolling or microneedling, which aims to make your skin replenish itself. These can be little painful. But don’t worry; you can use a topical anesthetic cream beforehand to make it painless. While these lead to rejuvenation of your skin naturally, your products will be working more efficiently.

#Rule 5: Keep fragrance or irritants at bay

There are lots of skin care products which come with irritants, leading to skin irritations at the expense of giving a more radiant skin. Especially, if you have a sensitive skin, you need to be very careful and stay away from such skin care products. Ensure that whatever you choose doesn’t contain alcohol and sharp fragrances.

#Rule 6: Let it repair naturally

Lastly, you don’t need to fret every single problem. It is best to let your skin replenish yourself. While it is important to get the best skin care products, it is also essential to leave your skin to get the best out of itself.

You can simply use some herbal and safe night cream to ensure that the production of collagen. This will help keep your skin firm and maintain a younger look. Avoid too many products on your skin; else you will end up confusing your skin instead.

Just give a break to the current skin care stock and switch to healthier range of beauty products. Stay beautiful!