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6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Skin Moles

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 18th

6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Skin Moles

Skin moles are very common and can be seen in maximum number of people. Actually, everyone has at least 10-40 moles on any part of their body. They are even known as nature's beauty marks to human beings which makes them look more beautiful. But, there are few who get worried and tensed over moles, or neglect to look for treatment for moles that are risky. 

Below mentioned are the 6 facts that everybody should think about moles;

1. Most moles are non-cancerous

There is no reason to take a stress over a common mole, as there are many moles which are completely harmless. Moles that are possibly perilous can easily be identified, as long as you are aware of the "ABCDE's" of moles.

2. Moles by birth are not risky

Although a small part of the population is born with moles, a few moles develop during childhood and young adulthood. Moles that are there since childbirth are not at all risky as compared to the moles that develop after the age of 30. They are considered at higher risk causing cancer in the future.

3. Moles changes with the time

It’s a fact that as you grow, your mole changes with the passage of time. Some may grow, or reduce in size, and some even vanish! Also, it’s quite common for moles to grow hairs.

4. Know the ABCDE's of moles

The ABCDE's of moles can help decide whether a mole may be safe or unsafe. Any mole that shows one or more of the below given characteristics could be risky, and therefore, guarantees medical attention:

  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Borders that are uneven and rough
  • Color variation like, non-risky moles are always in brown, whereas the risky ones are little darker in colors
  • Diameter is bigger than the eraser of a pencil
  • Evolving rapidly. Normally benign moles grow slowly, but if your mole is growing quickly, then it might be at risk

5. Early detection of skin cancer

Early detection of skin cancer is key to long-term results. In fact, skin cancer is almost always treatable if identified in its early stage.

6. Moles can be safely removed

Moles can be removed safely for a variety of reasons. Mole removal may become necessary when a mole is considered as cancerous. In other cases, patients opt to remove moles for aesthetic reasons without undergoing any painful condition.

Do you have any questions about moles? Feel free to write in the comments section given below.