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6 Effective Steps To Clean A Belly Button Ring

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 17th

6 Effective Steps To Clean A Belly Button Ring

After getting your belly button pierced, make sure that you keep the pierced area as well as ring clean and sanitised. Cleaning the gem and pierced area is important on a daily basis. This will heal the area quickly, and avoid skin irritation or infection.

A belly button piercing takes at least three to six months to heal. Below are the steps to clean a belly button ring;

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly with fragrance-free antibacterial liquid cleanser and boiling water before touching your belly button ring.

Step 2

Soak a paper towel in hot water, d squeeze it to take out the extra water. Then, softly clean the area to remove the crusted discharge and bacteria from the belly button ring. This removes the dust from getting in your piercing during the cleaning procedure.

Step 3

Spray additive-free, sterile saline solution on the paper towel to make it moist. Then, either place it on the piercing or pat on it for at least 10 minutes. This will sanitize the area. After that, onto a perfect paper towel, and place it over the puncturing and ring. Leave the arrangement on the territory for around 10 minutes to sanitize it.

Step 4

Then, create a thick paste of non-iodized salt with warm water, and apply it on the piercing and the surrounding area. Then, pour warm water over a new paper towel, and wipe the belly button ring and pierced area to remove the salty buildup from the area.

Step 5

Clean the navel ring and piercing location with anti-bacterial soap. While taking a shower, spray a few drops of cleanser or soap onto your fingertips, and tenderly rub the pierced area and the gem. Then, flush it off instantly.

Step 6

Pat well to make the pierced area and the jewelry dry with a paper towel. Avoid using cloth towels as the fabric can cause bacteria on the piercing. The unpleasant surface of the towels might get rubbed on the belly button ring.

So, these were the easy steps that you need to follow while taking care of your Naval piercing. Do follow them, and share with us in the comment section given below!