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5 Ways to Keep Wrinkles Away!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 12th

5 Ways to Keep Wrinkles Away!

Wrinkles are the ugliest aspect of a person’s life. While some start facing these unwanted additions to their life in late thirties, others deal with the same in early forties. Luckily, there are ways to keep wrinkles away from your skin. Find out the details here. 

Life has a lot to offer. Some of these offering bring forth happiness, and then there are others which can be a reason to worry. One of such problems is aging.

Being the worst parts about growing old, the visible signs associated with aging can be really troublesome. However, the good thing is that over the years, various anti-wrinkle treatments have been evolved.

Nowadays, both men and women are becoming body conscious. And it is common to find them struggling to find out solution to reduce appearance of aging signs like wrinkles. Hence, if you are among the same, who have been yearning for a smoother and younger look, here is a list of solutions you can choose from;

Skin needling: In this process, a number of tiny, sharp needles are used on the skin surface. It works by infiltrating deep into the skin and empowers the collagen creation. Yes, it can be highly painful. However, there are different sizes of needling devices and needle sizes available. You can pick the one as per your comfort!

Fillers: Being one of the simplest methods for eliminating wrinkles, it is different from the other treatments which empower the production of collagen. Actually, it works with a specific goal to fill the skin with fillers which makes a synthetic plumping. Usually, it is made out of material like silicon which offers more natural looking skin, and reactions are generally negligible.

Botox Injections: These are also called as anti-wrinkle injections and are highly famous among A-listers, movie stars and models. This makes your skin look years younger by deadening the muscles in the face. So, it diminishes strain and the presence of frown lines.

Face lifts: Being the most intrusive process against maturing medications, it can be used for a few areas of the skin which are cut into, before being removed totally or tightened using unique sewing method. Certainly, the immensity of the process is high, so will be the cost and the risk of complications.

Laser rejuvenation: Lasers have been a boon to the world of cosmetology. It has been used for varying processes. It is the amazing precision and effective healing ability of the method which makes it popular among people today. While laser skin revival is a simple method, it is also far less intrusive than the other ones. It burns off best layers of the skin, empowers its re-growth and improves collagen creation.

Along with the result, there is one more thing common among these solutions. It is the pain. Yes, these procedures can be painful; however, the intensity will differ severely. But don’t worry; you can still go pain-free using Dr.Numb®.

One of the best numbing agents for all kind of dermal procedure, Dr.Numb® consists of 5% lidocaine. It is a topical anesthetic cream which can be bought over the counter without any doctor’s prescription. This means, you can use it for any one or multiple of these treatment and keep your skin away from aging.

Which method will your prefer, let us know in the comment section below!