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5 Things You Must Know Before Piercing Your Naval

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 6th

5 Things You Must Know Before Piercing Your Naval

Navel piercing, also known as belly button piercing, is becoming more and more popular nowadays. A few people do it on their own for many reasons. But, remember that it is always safer to go to a professional.

As it is a painful procedure, your piercer will make sure that it doesn’t hurt you or make you uncomfortable. That’s why they prefer to apply a topical numbing cream, Dr.Numb®, to kill the pain.

Belly button rings are common and in trend with today’s youth. Here are some essential things to consider before getting your navel or belly button pierced.

It is a lifetime responsibility. And, you will dependably need to wear a ring, else the piercing will get close in a few days. If you choose that you don't need the piercing any more, you can take the ring out and let it close. If you do this, it may form a scar over the place, and you won’t be able to pierce the place again.

Tummy rings are not cheap. If you check in malls or visit online websites, you’ll find that the naval rings are very costly as compared to other rings. They are costly as they are of high quality.

A piercing will need maintenance. During the healing process, make sure you take good care of your piercing for at least 3 months. And, after 3 months make sure you either change the ring, or clean it and then wear it again. If you will not do this, there are chances that you might get infected. Always prefer rings made of silver, as they are considered to be the best.

It hurts. Yes, it hurts a lot when you get piercing on any part of your body. The pain is just for a few hours. But, still if you are sensitive to needles, then just ask your piercer to apply a topical numbing cream, Numb, to ease the discomfort level. Apply a thick layer of Dr.Numb®, and leave it for 40-60 minute, and then go for piercing process. This numbing cream can also be used for after care treatment to kill any kind of irritation, like swelling, redness.

You will LOVE it! After reading this, if you still want your navel to get pierced, then it is worth getting pierced. All you need is to keep the above given points in mind. And, believe us, you will love your piercing by flaunting it to others.

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