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5 Things to Know Before Choosing Permanent Makeup for Lips

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 12th

5 Things to Know Before Choosing Permanent Makeup for Lips

Permanent Makeup is hope for those who are losing their lips plumpness due to ageing or other factors. But before approaching the practitioner, here are the few things you must know before getting your lips tattooed.

Fair to say women are obsessed with the fuller lips! Reason is pretty simple! Lips are the second most attractive parts after eyes on the face and make you look ravishing. Just look at Angelina Jolie and you don’t need any further exclamation from us. But the sad thing is that they get older along with your skin and lose their plumpness. They get thinner with the age as your body produces less collagen. 

By investing little money and time in permanent makeup, you can resort the fullness of your lips. Yes, permanent makeup is the secret behind many Hollywood beauties ‘lustrous lips. It is the technique that makes your lips look bigger, red and younger. Permanent makeup is also great for those whose lips are thin naturally. With the permanent makeup, you can achieve lip definition, symmetry, and color.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a micro-pigmentation cosmetic technique to make designs looking like makeup, like eyeliner, eyelids and lips. The technique is great for those who have less or no eyebrows and eyelids.

Before trying permanent make up for fuller lips, here are few things you must know:

Permanent Make Up Doesn’t Create Fullness:

As it is all about needles and ink game like in tattooing, the artist can define your lips by outlining their borders. But they don’t create plumpness or volume for fuller lips. A tattooing will create the illusion of the fuller lips.

Not Long Lasting:

Permanent makeup color doesn’t last long for a lifetime and generally withers in 7-10 years if you protect them from the sun. Besides, you need to attend two or more touch up sessions for their maintenance, especially if you've got the natural shades. To protect your lip color from the sun, you can use a good sunscreen lip balm.

It May Be Painful:

As lips are the sensitive organs, you may experience pain during the procedure. Sometimes, it causes swelling and soreness which take few days to go away. To lower the pain level, the professional will ask you to put up some numbing cream or anesthetic.

You Can Heal Within 7-10 Days:

The swelling and dryness go down within 10 days. As the lips heal, they look very dry and chapped. To accelerate your healing process, you can take fluid like water and juices in sufficient quantity as the treatment dehydrated your body.

Not for Every Skin Tone:

Skin tone is also the crucial factor in the success of the pigmentation process. People with dark skin should stay away as they may expose to the hyperpigmentation which makes their lips darker than actually, they are. If you have darker tone, please consult the expert first. Nude shades look good on super pale skin while coral shades can be the optimal choice for people with dark skin. If you have olive skin, go for the natural tones like sunset reds, warm amber, and perky coral.