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5 Tattoo Designs For Travel Freaks!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 18th

5 Tattoo Designs For Travel Freaks!

Travelling is a hobby for some, to others it is no less than a passion. If you fall into the same category, you must be obsessed about everything related to travelling. Then whether it is a World map or a compass, it is close to your heart. What about getting these essentials tattooed? Explore some unique ideas for the wanderlust in you.

With the arrival of vacation season, for some people, it is all meant about travelling from one place to another. And the craze seems to increase day by day. People today look forward to travel destinations and travel activities. So, you love to travel, that’ great! But do you love tattoos? If yes, then why not combine both your interests and enjoy them together? Yes, you can plan to have a new tattoo which shows your love for traveling and express the wanderlust nature of yours without any fear.

And as you are planning to visit different places this break, it is a perfect time to get a tattoo which shows your love for travel. Here is a tattoo collection which combines designs that are famous worldwide. Have a look;

The World Map- Get the whole world in you

This is the first choice of any travel freak. You can get a World tattoo and fill it with colors of your choice. People color it in their own ways. For example, some color out the places they have already visited. On the other hand, there are few who set their goals to travel by marking the places to visit in unique colors. So, what is your idea?

Hot Air Balloons- Be adventurous

For those who live with a thought that life is either a daring adventure or nothing, this design is meant truly for them. Signifying love for travelling and adventure makes hot air balloon tattoos is interesting and somehow new in the market. Get hold of them and go flying.

Compass- Get directed toward your aim

Now it is time to go forth boldly and chase the way taking you in the direction of your dreams. And none other than a compass tattoo allow you to do it. Both men and women are interested in getting inked in compass designs. These are classy and sophisticated. And you can always combine them with World map for more amazing design.

Flying Birds- Flow with your heart

A common symbol to freedom is a flying bird. Hence, these turn out to be a popular image which gives you a sense of a feeling of flying away to the places you haven’t been so far. Though you can get any bird image inked, yet the most famous one is swallow. Reason being, it is especially popular for travelling great distances and always return home. Moreover, you can adorn them as a symbol of love and loyalty.

Anchors- Hitch your soul

This one is special for those who love to travel by water. You have lots of options including a simple anchor design or a pretty anchor flower. It keeps you connected with your passion and let you express your thoughts. Get it on your wrist, back or neck, it goes well everywhere. You will love it for its simplicity.

So, you could choose maps, airplanes, compasses, or any other designs. All of these relate very well to traveling and wanderlust. Also, don’t forget to share your tattoo story, describing your favorite design in comment box below!