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5 Lesser Known After Effects Of Piercing Your Body: You Cannot Miss Out Them!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 28th

5 Lesser Known After Effects Of Piercing Your Body: You Cannot Miss Out Them!

With body piercing gaining widespread popularity in recent years, several unexpected potential side effects of piercing have been found. Hence, if you are planning to get your body pierced, you cannot overlook these. Learn about them in detail!

Getting your ear pierced? Want to try your hands on belly button piercing?

Certainly, when it comes to most loved body modifications, different type of piercings come across your mind. With 83% of Americans having their ear lobes pierced, you can imagine the love for piercing. Though it's pretty normal nowadays, yet it doesn’t allow you to assume that there are no major health risks anymore.

Of course, the first fear to appear when planning for piercing is of pain. But this isn’t a really a big deal. You can easily cut down on the pain using a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. Being a lidocaine based solution it makes your skin numb for three to four hours. So, it is possible to keep pain at the bay. However, you need to know that even the most mundane of piercings can expose you to terrifying side effects. From infections to the emergence of blood borne pathogens, there is a lot in between which you need to know.

Read on some of them here;

It Can Spread Hepatitis!

For years, people who fear piercings have believed hepatitis to be one reason to avoid the trend. And yes, it is not a mere myth, but a fact. Though it's not just the earring or the piercer themselves that carries the disease, yet the problem can occur due to the gun and poor cleaning practices. For instance, when piercing the skin, there are good chances for blood to get into parts of the gun. Now it can be due to shoddy cleaning or a lack of training which causes the pathogen being getting passed from person to person later on.

In 2011, around 537 cases were recorded of hepatitis C in Toronto. Among these, an astounding 147 cases involved piercing or tattoos. Hence, the risk is quite a bit higher than you thought!

The Nose Ring Could End Up In Your Lungs!

Not only for nose piercings, but also this risk is associated with tongue piercings and lip piercings. Isn’t it frightening? Actually, this can take place when you are putting in one of these piercings, or taking it out. Basically, you will be always at the risk whenever you breathe in as you might accidentally inhale part of the jewelry.

Once the backing or any other part of the jewelry is aspirated through your sinus cavity, this will cause problem. In fact, it will usually require surgery to get these parts out as you won't be able to cough it up. Even if you try to do so, you might end up severely damaging your lungs.

Chances To Get Septic And Die!

As stated above, piercings are often accompanied with infections. Hence, it is one of the grossest and most dangerous threats. Reason being, the worst of these problems is septicaemia, which is a problem that can easily become life threatening. You need to know that when you have an infection, there are good chances for it to get into your blood stream and turn your blood toxic. And as your ears are very close to your brain, it's possible the infection can spread there as well. In such a case, you may lose your ear, or even your life.

Yes, it's pretty horrifying!

You Could Wind Up With "Saddle Nose"

Looking forward to get a nose piercing done? There can be some problems including infection and irritation, which is common. But there is something more! It is about the risk of physical deformity. Even a little warping of your nose will be noticeable.

Actually, in some cases your septum can collapse after piercing. So, it flattens and pushes up the middle and front of your nose. While it makes your nose awkwardly close to your face in some areas, it can also make it harder to breathe. And this condition is referred to as saddle nose. If it occurs, you have to undergo some serious cosmetic surgery to repair.

A Weird Color Change Can Appear!

Are you aware of the term Erythema? It may sound like a pretty scary word, and it is actually embarrassing. Well, it refers to an affected area of your body that turns splotchy red and white. Generally, this is caused due to increased blood flow to an area which is traumatized. Whenever you get a piercing done, you may not notice the earlobe. The area around the earlobe might turn purple, red, or patchy. In fact, there can be an actual rash which can be followed by swelling and pus. This is not going away quickly and it is possible that you'll be stuck with some very noticeable discoloration.

Lastly, anything in this world has its own pros and cons. Piercing is no exception. However, when done under expert’s guidance with utmost care, and followed by proper aftercare, it never goes against your health.