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5 Least Painful Areas for Body Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 9th

5 Least Painful Areas for Body Piercing

Not all piercings are painful! Some of them are relatively painless due to the soft skin and less nerve endings.

One of the most asked questions about piercing is “Will it hurt me?” It is true that piercings are painful due to the involvement of needle penetrating your skin. But it is equally true that some piercings are relatively painless. This is because many parts have less nerve ending and soft skin tissue, making them low on the pain level. Here, we have listed some low pain piercings you can start with.

Ear Lobes

Counted among one of the popular and oldest piercing, ear lobes piercing doesn’t hurt you much. It is like a minor sting lasting for few seconds. This is because of the fleshy nature of the ear lobes, allowing a needle to go through in one move. Besides, ear piercing is easy to care and is quick to heal. Make sure to take care of your ear lobes piercing and clean it with saline solution.

Navel Piercing

Navel piercing or belly button piercing sounds painful, but actually it isn’t. People having belly button piercing say that they feel a bee sting and some soreness in the area. But you must take care of your navel piercing as chances are it can get infected or snuggles with your clothes’ fabrics. So, always wear loose garments or crop tops and avoid swimming or workouts till it is healed completely. Apart from that, wear you jewelry for up to 6 months as the healing process will adjust the hole according to it.

Septum Piercing:

Surprisingly, nose septum piercing is not hurting what it seems to be. Because the piercing is done on the thin skin and doesn’t go through the nose cartilage, feeling like a sting likes pain. But you must choose experienced piercer for that as the naive one can make it excessive painful for you.

Lip Piercing:

Thinking about lip piercing may disturb you, but actually the pain level is comparatively low in this piercing. But like septum piercing, you must choose a pro for that. A placement is marked with a pen, and then a piercer will hold the part with a metal clamp, and using a needle to pierce through, before inserting a stud.

Tongue Piercing:

Tongue piercing doesn’t hurt you, though it can depend on your pain threshold. It is believed that people with longer tongue feel less pain while having tongue piercing. But it is possible only if you get it done by expert.

So, these are the least painful piercing areas. You can also use numb cream like Dr.Numb® to minimize the pain while having piercing.