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5 Interesting Facts about Tattooing Probably you Didn’t Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 3rd

5 Interesting Facts about Tattooing Probably you Didn’t Know!

Tattoos – evergreen, ever-rocking and ever-stylish! We get allured by the chic and amazing art done on the body… in various designs, and colors. But, here we have something that will make you amaze more about tattoos.

Tattoos were, fifty years ago, the watermark of rebels and social pariahs like bikers, carnival freaks, etc. However, today on an average, every girl has probably a unicorn on her ankle or a butterfly above her butt crack.

Since the Stone Age, Tattoos have been a part of humans and were a part of nearly every culture across the sphere, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Africans, Native Americans, and Polynesians.

Here are a few facts about tattoos that you might have an idea about. Continue to read and get amazed!

Say No to Tattoo or Pregnancy

Yes. Either you chose to give birth to your baby or you follow your passion of getting tattoo. Some anesthesiologists have showed their concern that giving epidurals to pregnant women with tattoos are likely to suffer from the potential complications of ink fragments entering the spinal cord. Although, if the tattoo is more than a few months old, the risk would seem very minor, however the possibility still remains. It has been reported that the iron oxide in tattoo ink sometimes reacts during MRIs and may cause burns.

Sponsored Tattoos

Do you know that the tattoos were also used as a technique of promotions!!! People who were willing to do anything to earn bucks, and the advertisers desperate to reach an audience, tattoos proved a way for branding and money-making.

New York’s real estate company, Rapid Realty offered their employees that many couldn’t refuse – “get a company logo tattooed on your body, and make 15 percent pay raise?. Dozens of its employees accepted the offer. “Billy the Human Billboard,? an amateur Alaskan boxer, pays his bills with corporate tattoos, who has more than two dozen tattoos, including some on his face. Some of his work includes the logos of Liberty Tax Service, several porn sites, Host Gator, etc.

Henna Tattoos

If you don’t have an adequate pain threshold, or if you cannot commit to have permanent tattooing, Henna Tattoo is pretty much your alternate.

You often might have encountered small thick or thin booths in supermarkets, carnivals, etc. that allure even small children a lot. Those are the Henna Tattoos shops.

Henna dye is derived from a plant, and has been used for thousands of years, for both coloring the hair and to draw intricate designs on the body. Henna Tattoos are prevalent today everywhere but are of the most importance in Asian countries like India. Natural henna goes on with a light orange color, darkens to a rust red over a few days and gently fades away with time. However, the commonly used “black henna,??? contains synthetic ingredients, such as p-phenylenediamine (PPD).


In 1991, a mummy was discovered frozen in glacial ice in the Ötztal Alps, on the border between Italy and Austria. On examination, the body was found to be 3255 B.C ancient. The body was given the name Ötzi after the place of his discovery.

The studies revealed that Ötzi died around 700 years before the commencement of the construction on the Great Pyramid of Giza. After analyzing the mummy, it was unveiled that he’d been the victim of violence that was indicated by the arrowhead lodged in his shoulders, with his upper body and head slashed and bruised. However, the most interesting part of Ötzi’s heritage was about the series of tattoos he had on his body. Tons of marks and lines that were imprinted over areas (normally associated with acupressure), like the joints and the spine, lead the researchers to believe that they were not mere performed in the name of ornamentation, but were a primitive form of medicine.

Tattoos too get older!

Yes, it seems amazing but true! With age, your skin constantly refills itself. The repetition of this cycle slows dawn over age, which results in an aged appearance of your tattoos.

For instance, if you have got a tattoo of the peace symbol with some words imprinted on it, in your early 20’s, eventually in your early 60’s, the image may blur or the words may become difficult to read.

If you know something interesting about Tattoos, feel free to share with us!!!