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4 Types of Numbing Products You Must Know

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 29th

4 Types of Numbing Products You Must Know

Should I use numbing cream or numbing ointment? What’s the difference between numbing spray and numbing gel? Find your answers here.

Whether it’s piercing or tattooing, you would like to apply the layers of numbing products on your skin for painless procedure. Today, numbing products are available as spray, cream and ointment. Have you ever thought the difference between these numbing products? Yes, they have a similar function—to numb your skin. But apart from that similarity, every numbing product is different from other in terms of formulation and efficiency. It is essential for your knowledge to choose the right product, besides being develop a good outlook on them. This is why we have come up with the types of topical anesthetic products.

Numbing Cream

The most common type of local anesthetic product is numbing cream which is easily available. It is widely used for body modifications, piercing, tattoos, body art and minor surgeries. A numbing cream is used 40-45 minutes before the process so that the cream is absorbed by the skin. This numbs the nerve endings so that they can’t carry pain signals to the brain.

Numbing Gel:

If you think gel and cream are the same things, you need to think again. From absorption, locking effect to textures, both local anesthetic products are different from each other. However, the function always remains same.

Generally, a numbing gel has a jellylike substance without oil, unlike numbing creams. Besides, most of the numbing gels are water based and look transparent. They are believed to be absorbed by the skin much faster than the creams.

Numbing Ointment:

Numbing ointment is different from numbing cream and gel regarding the purpose of use. Generally, the ointment is used on the skin during tattoo or piercing aftercare to speed up the recovery process of the skin. Besides, numbing ointment offers some degree of protection from infection. They have oil based substance and gives cool and calming effect on rubbing them on the skin.

Numbing Spray

Numbing Spray delivers the content in air compressed form just like your perfume bottle. This is because the numbing components are tightly compressed and are released as mists or drops on your skin. It has an edge over numbing creams and gels because you don’t need to wash your hands after and before using it, as it is just a spray.

Hope you would have understood the numbing products available in the market today.