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4 Tips for Oral Hygiene after Your Mouth Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 19th

4 Tips for Oral Hygiene after Your Mouth Piercing

To speed up healing and keep infections at a bay, here are the oral hygiene tips you must keep in mind after mouth piercing.

Oral hygiene is extremely important after your mouth piercing. You can’t afford to skip it as it can affect your healing process and may lead to several infections. Here are the tips to practice a good oral hygiene after your piercing.

Brush and Floss:

Brushing is important to maintain your oral hygiene. But you must take it seriously after getting your mouth pierced as the mouth is prone to the bacteria. After having your mouth pierced, stick to the regimen of brushing your teeth twice after every meal if possible, otherwise do it twice in a day.

Besides, practice flossing once in day before going to the bed. Don’t brush the area where you have piercing as it may affect the healing process once irritated. Apart from cleaning your mouth, take care of your piercing jewelry. Clean the bead and post of your piercing jewelry to stop the plaque hoarding on your jewelry.

Rinse Your Mouth:

One of the aftercare piercing tips is to rinse your mouth with saline water. Generally, non-iodized sea salt is great for mouthwash as it is antibacterial and speeds up your healing. Rinse your mouth with sea salt water after eating and drinking for the first 6 weeks after your mouth piercing.

You can easily make saline solution at home. All you need to dissolve ¼ tbsp. of salt in one cup of warm water. Swirl it around your mouth after having meal or smoke to rinse the particles. You must rinse your mouth with saline water even after having fruit and veggies as they may be high on sugar, affecting your healing.

The main aim of this step is to avoid the bacterial issues. And it won’t take long time to rinse your mouth; just few seconds, and it’s done.

Use Right Mouthwash:

Using mouthwash also matters if your mouth piercing is healing up. Make sure to choose nonalcoholic mouth wash to avoid tingling sensation or burn like irritation on your pierced skin. Use it twice a day with the amount that is enough to cover all mouth.

Give Up Bad Habits:

When your healing period is on, you may observe a yellow coating forms on your tongue and around the piercing spot. This is usual process and you must not pick the area with finger or toothbrush.

Don’t touch your jewelry often, especially with the dirty hands. This will make your piercing prone to the infection.