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4 Essential Things You Must Know About Collarbone Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 17th

4 Essential Things You Must Know About Collarbone Tattoos

Collarbone tattoos are stylish and trendy. Here are the things you must know before getting the one.

If you’re a big tattoo fan or heading to tattoo studio for your first tattoo, you probably think about the location you want to have design. Most tattoo freaks get it on their backs, legs, shoulders and arms. But there are few who like to get it on the collarbone, a less popular tattoo spot due to its visibility.

However, if you fall in love with collarbone tattoos, here are the things you must consider before getting a one.

Collarbone Tattoos Do Hurt:

Almost all tattoos are painful, some hurt less while other give you more pain. And collarbone tattoos fall in the latter category. Collarbone tattoos are painful because of the boney surface and less flesh at the collarbone spot, making the needle striking painful for you.

However, you can use Dr.Numb® numbing cream an hour before for having a painless collarbone tattoo session.

Plethora of Collarbone Tattoo Styles to Choose From:

Collarbone tattoo ideas are endless, from simple dots, phrases to massive illustrations. Most people would like to keep it statement and highlighted for getting much visibility. Cursive wording and sayings are the most popular collarbone tattoo ideas.

Where You Want to Get It?

Placement is crucial in collarbone tattoos as you want to make it visible, even when you are not in off shoulder dress. You can have collarbone tattoos right on your collarbone, right under it or right above it. A good tattoo artist will place it on the spot where you can flaunt it even with the layering like button up shirts.

Don’t Forget Aftercare:

Like other tattoos, collarbone tattoos require a good aftercare and precaution steps. This is because neck is a high movement area and tattoo may take bit longer to heal up. Therefore, you must talk with your tattoo artist for oils and cream to be used in tattoo healing.

Here are basic aftercare tips for your collarbone tattoo:

  • Change your bandages when necessary
  • Protect your tattoo from water or avoid swimming for few days
  • Use gentle soap and dry towel to clean your tattoo.
  • Don’t expose it to the sun
  • Avoid using petroleum jelly or any other lotion while tattoo is healing

Hope you’ve understood the essential things about collarbone tattoos. Although they are painful, the end result is definitely worth your suffering and price with a good design and good tattoo artist.