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4 Easy Exercises To Get Forehead Wrinkles Removed From Face!!

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Apr 18th

4 Easy Exercises To Get Forehead Wrinkles Removed From Face!!

Lines on the forehead and permanent wrinkles close to your foreheads can be a normal part of maturing, however, they may even develop from overexposure to the sun, or just because of your normal facial expressions if raising your eyebrows or frowning is a part of your body language.

There is no real way to remove existing forehead wrinkles, however, facial activities can be a natural way to slow down the development of wrinkles.

#1 Raise Your Eyebrows

Join the force of gravity with facial exercises that may help you dispose of conspicuous forehead wrinkles. Using a bed or leaning back seat as your equipment, lie down so that your body is flat, and your head is hanging upside down. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible, and open your eyes as wide as you can. Hold for five seconds, and then relax. Do this exercise in sets of five every day.

#2 Grip Your Brow-Bone

Lessen the appearance of forehead wrinkles by strengthening the muscles in your upper facial area. Smoothly hold your brow-bone, where your eyebrow is, with your thumb and forefinger. While gripping your forehead freely, raise your eyebrows. Use your fingers to push down your eyebrow and combat the upward pulling of your skin. You should feel the smoothing of the skin on your forehead as you do this exercise every day in 10 sets.

#3 Making Funny Faces

Make funny faces to lessen the lines on your brow. Bring down your eyebrows to the extent you can. In the meantime, try to wrinkle up your nose and flare your nostrils. This activity may look weird and may be hard to accomplish in the initial few attempts. Don’t forget to perform daily five sets of this activity.

#4 Finger Press

The finger press helps to smooth the surface of the forehead and remove its wrinkles. You can do this exercise daily and dispose of the frown lines and wrinkles on your forehead. To perform this exercise, you need to put your first finger or the thumb in the center of the forehead and put a pressure. Then slowly, crawl your finger towards the hairlines. This should be done in a smooth way. Do repeat this same exercise 4 to 5 times without any delay and follow every day.


No doubt, Facial exercises are a perfect way when it comes to tightening up the skin on your face by avoiding the formation of wrinkles. If you want to treat your wrinkles and improve your look, then follow the above given 4 exercises. And, do share your experience with us in the comments given below!