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3 Major Body Piercing Categories You Need To Know

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Sep 16th

3 Major Body Piercing Categories You Need To Know

Body art modification like piercing is a hot topic for debate these days. People believe piercing some parts of the body can turn risky. Let’s explore some of the conventional areas which you can get pierced easily.

Are you planning to get a body piercing done?

The very first thing you need to know is that it is going to be painful. Yes, you read it right! Pain and piercing are intertwined. However, with the help of a numbing agent you can keep pain out of the process.

Actually, there are some numbing creams available which works miraculously on the pain. You can count on solutions which have been certified by FDA. One such cream is Dr.Numb®. It is a simple lidocaine based cream which carries 5% of numbing agent. Formulated to work on every type of dermal pain, it is reliable option for those who wish to keep pain at bay during and after piercing. Hence, when you make a booking at a piercing parlor, don’t forget to place an order for Dr.Numb®.

Now when you are ready for a piercing job, it becomes important to look for a right place.

So, here is some help to simplify your work;

Oral Piercings

Do you know the outside of your mouth is a house of several piercing options? For example, you can get a Monroe piercing done on either side of the upper lip. Or you can switch to a centered lip piercing which is commonly called as a labret.

Inside of the mouth can also be pierced. Tongue and frenulum piercings are two best options in this case. As far as frenulum piercings are concerned, these are located underneath and at that base of the tongue. Basically, at the apex of the mouth, i.e. where the upper lip meets the gum line. Here you need to know that oral piercings can damage your teeth and gums. So, be careful.

Facial Piercings

For those who are looking forward to have the most noticeable body piercing done, they can plan for facial piercings. There is a long list of options ranging from underneath the nose, along the eyebrow, top of the face.

You can get it done on the eyebrow like bridge piercings. It can be done on either side of the face. Then you can go for nostril and septum piercings which can be done as single or multiple piercings. And yes, your ears are not limited to earlobe piercings. There are many good options such as ear cartilage piercings, industrial and tragus one, which can be located on the inner cartilage of the outer ear.

Trunk Piercings

When you slide a little down, there are your chest and stomach, and these too have a good number of options to get piercing job done. The two most popular piercing in this category include nipple and navel piercings. The only problem is that these two have the longest healing period. Yes, it can take up to six months or even one year. However, these offer you privacy which is an appealing factor.

With these three popular categories, you have an abundance of choice to get pierced. Make sure you plan wisely before you get it done!