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3 Common Tattoo Regrets That You Need To Know

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Aug 31st

3 Common Tattoo Regrets That You Need To Know

Tattoo regrets are one of the common complaints related to the tattoos. Everyone tends to settle on many irresponsible choices once in a while; subsequently the well known quote, "you learn from your errors." But, what if your mistake follows you, and remains with you throughout your life? 

Don’t you want to learn from your mistakes to avoid such things in future? If you are a tattoo learner, then you should recognize what types of tattoo to stay away from. Inability to do as such can lead to tattoo regrets that you’ll live for life long.

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Below are the 3 common tattoo regrets that people fall victim to. Take a look;

The name of your current partner or lover

This is a common mistake that is made by most of the people, especially adults. They are actually young blood, emotional, and their activities are constantly determined by affection. It mostly happens with couples who love each other, and in affection decide to ink each other’s name. But, what if the relationship goes astray? Then, this might lead to regret in future.

This is the most important tattoo regret you have to avoid. You should always reconsider before getting a tattoo of a name. Remember that a tattoo will constantly last longer than a relationship, even if you are hitched.

Tattoos while in jail

Prisoners who got tattoos while locked up, increase the list of people who regret their tattoos in the future. Tattoos are considered to be an image of status while in prison. It shows control since tattoos recognize prisoners with specific groups. But, when they are out of jails, the tattoos turn into an image of disappointment for some reasons.

Tattooing while drunk

Getting inked while drunk is very risky because the outcome might be unexpected. There are episodes where tattoos completed were better than expected. But, there are horror stories related to it. To stay away from this simple tattoo regret, all you need is to avoid liquor before you enter tattoo parlor. Second thing, if you are drunk, it will thin out your blood, which will lead profuse bleeding once the tattooing commences.