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20 Famous Tattoo Artists You Need To Know If You Are A Tattoo Lover!

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 10th

20 Famous Tattoo Artists You Need To Know If You Are A Tattoo Lover!

Are you fond of tattoos?

Being one of the most effective ways to express your feelings and thoughts, tattoos have been on trend for years. And all thanks to the tattoo artists around the globe for the evolution of this form of body modification.

Let’s explore the world of popular artists who have earned reputation with their awesome creativity. Here is a list of 15 tattooists you must know;

Jeffrey Pitt

After giving more than 13 years of dedication to the industry, Pitt has earned love and respect for the dope designs. Currently, he is working with Dawn Purrell as an in-studio artist.

Valerie Vargas

Back in 2014, Valerie Vargas opened her own tattoo parlor in London. She has been known for her dynamic visual style and feminine illustrations. If you search for her most perfect collection, it includes women and flower tattoos.

Doug Hardy

He has been running the San Francisco's well-known shop Tattoo City for years now. It is his dope artistry which makes him so popular and he is doing great to uphold the family legacy.

Rob Kelly

Situated in Hong Kon, Rodeo Rob offers a great mix of East and West. Whether it is about koi or roses, Rob has been doing everything between. The perfect blend of new-school color and traditional line value in his work is what makes him stand apart.

Lana Wingo

With a very charming and lovely style, Ms. Wingo is famous for her bold and brightwork. She posses all the right details for tattoo lovers. You will love her flowers are superb, and yes, not to forget the traditional Americana tattoo designs.

Bert Krak

Situated in Brooklyn's Smith Street, Bert Krak pushes classic New York tattooing forward. It is his astounding work with amazing features, strong lines, and bold colors, which sets him apart.

Bailey Hunter Robinson

You can see Bailey's love for American folk art. It is visible through his tattooing. He has performed various ink designs in black and gray color. And his interpretation of classic Americana is always remarkable.

Louis Molloy

Do you know he is the man behind David Beckham's ink? Yes, it is Molloy who is super-talented and can do all kinds of things. However, he is best known for his religious subject matter and only a very few artists come close to his angles.

Angelique Houtkamp

She started her career relatively late. Angelique was almost 30 when she developed a traditional style with a feminine touch. In Amsterdam, she has been doing great work for all types of skin.

Keith Underwood

He is pupil of the late, great Mike Malone. Keith has been in the world of tattooing for more than a decade now. While he has mastered and refined his skills on classic American street-shop styles, he has been linked to the golden era of American tattooing for his outstanding work.

Woon Kim

When it comes to bringing together a host of international styles, Woon Kim mixes them up well and makes them his own. While musicians are a favorite subject, he is also known for doing some great portrait tattoos.

Kat Von D

The famous girl is known for her staggering work. Regardless of her celebrity list, she has been doing portraits for a long time now.

Freddy Corbin

It won’t be a wrong calling him a tattoo legend. Corbin was schooled by Don Ed Hardy and he has been an opportunist to work with guys like Bill Salmon. His execution of religious iconography is breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Julian Garner

Another former pro skater, Julian Garner, have worked on tattoos. He basically emphasizes shading with ultra-delicate line work. The designs created by him allow the colors to take center stage.

David Glantz

He started working in his hometown of Ottawa and then moved to Toronto. And now David Glantz has become the city's favorite ink-slinger. Majorly his work is influenced by graffiti, comics, and a bit of Art Nouveau.

Nao Takamura

If you look at his tattoos, these are one part Japan and another part SoCal. He performs all his tattooing at his apartment.

Steve Moore

Being one of the Vancouver's finest artist, Steve Moore is a former skater. He has been tattooing since 1993 and is best known for creating a penchant for big, colorful sleeves.


Hailing from the SoCal black-and-gray tradition, Placaso is famous work similar to Mr. Cartoon and Boog. For years, he has been doing all the Chicano lowrider stuff, the clowns, and the lettering.


You might have heard about this favorite tattooist who has got his work compiled in a book. Yes, it is all stated in Iron Will, you will love his work for all reasons.

Scott Campbell

Campbell has been handling a range of styles and got fame for his celebrity clients like Mr. Marc Jacobs. When it comes to traditional Mexican imagery, no one can beat his work. He has also made some remarkable takes on cartoon characters.

The list could be really long! However, these are enough for now. Check out their work and let us know which one you like the most.