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11 Lesser Know Uses of Vitamin E Oil for Your Hair and Skin Care

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 12th

11 Lesser Know Uses of Vitamin E Oil for Your Hair and Skin Care

Nowadays people look forward to more natural solutions for skin care. What if you get to know about a single ingredient which not only benefits your skin but also boost your hair quality? Vitamin E oil is one stop solution to your skin and hair problems. Find out how.

You already know that your body needs different types of vitamin and minerals to function properly. Thus, you have been advised since your childhood to practice a healthy eating and living routine. However, in today’s world, where pollution rate is increasing exponentially, it can be really challenging to take care of your skin.

In fact, combining with the UV rays from sunlight, it creates a highly reactive molecule leading to as severe damage to proteins, collagen and lipids in the skin. This clearly states that the present environment conditions are not good for your skin and hair. However, it is not possible to stay enclosed at home, all the time. Isn’t it? So, there is a dire need to provide an extra care, right?

Thankfully, vitamin E oil comes to your rescue here. Having the fatty acids and several other essential propertied, it aide in various forms. From health benefits such as mental health to treating skin disorders like eczema and acne, it is useful in different ways. However, when it comes to the largest organ of our body, your skin, it has a lot more to offer.

Below are listed some amazing healthy benefits of vitamin E for your skin and hair. First let’s start with the skin;

Lighten dark spots

While there can be different reasons why those dark spots or pigmentation start occurring, including pregnancy, liver damage, sunburn and aging, the solution is with vitamin E oil. As it contains antioxidants that attack free radicals, you can count on its application for a visible reduction of dark spots.

Deep cleansing

You can daily apply Vitamin E oil on your face and wipe it off with a damp washcloth for better cleansing. Actually, it is a heavy emollient, and when you use it to clean your face, it pulls out the impurities significantly. Plus, it helps maintaining the oil balance of your skin.

Moisturise dry skin

It is a perfect solution for those with dry or sensitive skin. Simply, you can apply Vitamin E directly on your skin, followed by a post clean-up massage. And if you look forward to a better application, try mixing it with any carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Now massage the mixture in upward circular motions on your face and body. It is best if you do this before you go to bed. But if you are prone to breakouts anyway, don’t use more of it on your face. Reason being, it is a very heavy humectant which might cause severe breakout.

Heal sagging skin

Do you know vitamin E contains collagen? Yes, the same protein which ultimately leads to improvement in skin’s elasticity. Thus, this oil is extremely good for preventing dry skin. So, if you want to avoid sagging of skin after pregnancy or weight loss, you can use it too. For those who are stepping in their 30s must use Vitamin E oil on a regular basis. Doing so will help avoid the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Treat sunburn

Say good bye to those rashes and sunburn skin areas with help of vitamin E. Actually, it contains antioxidants which attack the effects of free radicals caused by UV radiation. Hence, if you want to heal sunburned skin, you can daily apply Vitamin E oil to the affected area.

Reduce stretch marks

When it comes to treating stretch marks, especially those after delivery, there are only few solutions which work. Application of vitamin E oil is a perfect way out to reduce and lighten the appearance of stretch marks. So, you need to ensure that you apply this oil directly on the stretch marks and massage in gentle circular motions. As it penetrates through the layers of the skin, your skin starts restoring skin elasticity which leads to reduction of stretch marks.

Soften and Lighten Lips

When applied to your lips, vitamin E oil works to soften your chapped lips. Plus, daily usage will help lightening them, if you have dark lips. And in case you have excessively dry lips, you can blend Vitamin E oil with a little honey. Use this mixture to massage on your lips at bedtime.

Treat dark circles

Just a little amount of Vitamin E oil can help you keep those one of the most common ageing signs at bay. You can apply it with your regular moisturiser under your eyes to help lighten the dark circles. As this oil releases antioxidants in the skin, it helps tackling the free radicals which otherwise will lead to darkening of the under eye area.

The best thing about vitamin E oil is that the benefits are not limited to skin merely. Yes, these are extended to your hair too. Let’s explore.

Vitamin E for your hair

Increase hair growth

Want long hair? You can use vitamin E oil which contains antioxidants as it improves circulation when applied to your scalp. Hence, it stimulates hair roots, leading to better and faster growth. You can also mix it with a little amount of warm olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Apply gently it to your scalp and massage with tips of your finger. You can continue applying the oil along the length of the root. It also heals damaged hair follicles.

Prevent premature greying

No one likes grey hair, right? Not a problem! Now you can avoid it using the antioxidants present in Vitamin E as these prevent corrosion of tissues. Hence, when applied to the hair with a carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil), it reduces premature ageing of hair.

Good-bye split ends

Split ends have been a major problem. As these can happen due to multiple reasons, you need a permanent solution to it. Vitamin E oil not only helps strengthen the hair follicles, but also prevents split ends.

So, now you have many reasons to bring home this multi-purpose oil. It is a must have addition to your skin and hair care routine!