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10 Reasons To Choose Waxing Over Shaving

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 6th

10 Reasons To Choose Waxing Over Shaving

Whenever you desire for a hair-free skin, you often get confused among waxing and shaving. Lets us help you make a wise decision. Planning for a weekend beach party? Need to go for an urgent meeting? Or a sudden lunch date?

Whatever the reason, you cannot step out with unwanted, grown hair on your arms and legs. Isn’t it? It can be really embarrassing. Now there are two popular options when it comes to removal of excessive hair from your skin. Yes, you guessed that right- shaving and waxing.

What to choose- wax or shave? It can be a difficult task for a beginner to determine the difference between these two. While shaving appears to be a fast and easy way to remove body hair, it is the use of razors which can leave you with more problems. As far as waxing is concerned, it is a more preferred choice. Just have a look at the ‘Google trends’ supporting the same.

So even though shaving appears to be the most effective alternative, waxing is gaining popularity with each passing years. If you are wondering why people choose to wax instead of shaving, you are in the right place. Let us give you some solid reason to make a wise selection.

Below you will find ten specific reasons to go for a waxing session;

It protects you from hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is referred to a condition which develops when some small areas of the skin become darker than the rest. If you are shaving your skin over and over again, these dark spots can appear on the skin surface. Though this can completely depend on the person, his skin type, and health condition, yet there are chances of such a problem to occur. This will never be a case with waxing.

It saves you from itching

Have you ever shaved your legs, armpits, or public areas? There is a common problem encountered by women and men, right after shaving. It is none other than intense itching. You can escape the same using a high-quality wax. In fact, there are numerous nourishing waxes available which are made to treat and prevent the said side effects.

It will not leave you with any cuts

Now say goodbye to razors and unintentional cuts. In case of shaving, you can seriously harm yourself as you are using blades which are too sharp. A little distraction can cause you a small or big cut. But in the case of waxing, you can play safe.

It is less painful

This might come as a surprise to you. Earlier it is stated that waxing is painful, and now this contradictory statement. Actually, it is due to the fact that waxing can be made painless using a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. With 5% lidocaine, this numbing agent works magically on your skin. It is an FDA approved product and can be used for all skin types.

It comes with a wide range of options

Different people have different skin types. Therefore, not one kind of wax would work for all. Thankfully, there are a number of wax types available in the market. You can have an amazing waxing service done as per your skin type. From hard body waxes, soft body waxes, to waxes with scents and moisturizing properties, the list of products is endless.

It provides fast and better results

Shaving might require a less amount of time. But the results don’t match the quality of a waxing session. It is certainly one of the fastest and effective ways to remove hair.

It removes dead skin cells

When it comes to waxing, it not only removes hair but also exfoliates your skin. Actually, when the wax is pulled from your skin it takes away dead cells. So you are left with a brand new layer of skin. It is the major reason why your body feels so smooth after waxing.

It might cease hair to grow

As the waxing procedure will mercilessly pull hair out from the root, it tends to weaken the hair follicles. This means that hair growing back will be less strong. And with the passage of time, when you wax on a regular basis, the hair will ultimately stop growing. All this happen due to hair follicle being too damaged to work properly.

It makes hair grow back thinner

In the same queue, waxing will weaken the hair follicles, and the hair which grows later becomes much thinner. This is an additional benefit as it will become easier to pull out thinner hair.

It offers longer lasting results

If you are getting your skin shaved, you need to know that it doesn't entirely remove hair. Yes, shaving will just cut off the hair shaft, i.e. the visible part of the hair. But the problem is much more than this. Those deeper hair follicles have their roots in the dermis and after shaving the chances of fuzz growth gets higher.

On the contrary, waxing removes hairs from the root. Hence, you can expect the results to stay longer. Coming to the final result after a waxing session, it leaves you with a much smoother and attractive skin. Any other method, including shaving, will not offer such results.

In conclusion, waxing turns out to be a primary hair removal method for all good reasons. Though shaving can save your time, later on, you will repent for doing so much harm to your skin.

What will you choose now?