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10 Helpful Tips For Beginners To Make A Bikini Wax Less Painful

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 19th

10 Helpful Tips For Beginners To Make A Bikini Wax Less Painful

A bikini wax is not as simple as it appears to be. Hence, if you are looking forward to a clean and hair-free bikini area, here is something helpful.

Have you been yearning for a hair-free skin?

When you want the hairless skin, waxing is the first and foremost method to come across your choice. It is one of the most trusted and used solutions. Do you know around 7.84 million Americans used professional waxing services 4 times or more within 6 months in 2017?

But what about your summer bikini dresses? If you are a beach lover, then you might be thinking about a bikini wax. Certainly, for some this subject is extremely personal. And only the bravest of souls choose to go for this wax style.

Regardless of the fact that it gives amazing results, it is not exactly a “fun” time. Especially, if it is your first time, a bikini wax can be a daunting experience. Hence, here are 13 tips for making a bikini wax much more bearable. Have a look;

The plan as per your periods: Be wise and book your appointment at right time of the month. You need to know that your pain threshold is higher just after your period ends. Hence, you must plan your waxing session a few days after your time of the month.

Pick a numbing cream: No, please do not use ice to numb the area before waxing. This won’t be helping you for bikini region. On the contrary, it will tighten and close up your pores. Thus, making the waxing process much more difficult for you!

You can switch to a numbing cream like Dr.Numb® instead. These are perfect to numb your area for around three to four hours. Hence, you can have pain free wax. You can us Dr.Numb®, a FDA approved product and can be used for all skin types. Just apply it 45 minutes before you step in waxing parlor. It will block the pain signals at nerve ending and you can comfortable get treated.

Skip your coffee: Even if you love coffee too much, there are few things in this world for which you can skip caffeine. And your first bikini wax session is one of them. Basically, it is due the stimulants in coffee which can make your skin extra sensitive. The best thing you can do is to switch to decaf for the morning. Instead you can drink a cup after your wax instead.

Exfoliate: You need clean and hairless skin, right? Even though the waxing goal is to remove hair, you must give a good exfoliation time to your skin, for best results. It is simple; use a body scrub for two days before you wax booking date. This will help to eliminate extra dry and dead skin, which would be else hanging around, making it harder for the wax to grab hairs. To turn your session and painless, this is a must do.

Consider painkiller: You can take aspirin if required. But this should be around one hour prior to your appointment. Doing so, you will be fully prepped when you’re getting waxed.

A warm bath: Just to keep yourself relaxed, you can have a soak in a warm bath first. This means if you have the time, for about 20 minutes before the appointment you can soak in a warm bath. It will open up your pores and soften the hair. Hence, you won’t much pain.

Choose loose clothing: This is essential aftercare tip. Remember, for about a day or two after the wax ensure you wear cotton underwear and loose pants or skirts. It is important to let the area breathe and not be irritated by fabrics.

Breathe properly: It can be quite possibly the hardest thing to do. Actually, during waxing session, it is a natural reaction to hold your breath. It happens due to the reason that you tense up when your body knows there is going to be pain. However, experts advise that you must make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and exhale a long breath when the wax strip is being pulled.

Optimal hair length: Whether your hair is too short or too long, the wax won’t be able to pull the hair smoothly. Make sure the hair is at the right length. In case, they are too long means, it is required to trim first. On the other hand if they are too short, wait for some time, to let them grow. The optimal hair length is nearly about 1/4 inch.

No shaving: Once you are done with bikini wax, make sure you don’t indulge in shaving the area. Plus, it is just that at least three weeks prior to waxing, you should stop shaving.

Lastly, please say no to DIYs. As anyone who has tried it knows how horrible the results can be. So, start searching for the right professional to do it, and get it done right way. Don’t forget to carry Dr.Numb® with you!