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Our Purpose

For more than a decade, Dr. Numb® has built its reputation as a brand of topical anesthetic products. The continued progress is attributed to continuous researching and innovating ways to deliver effective relief to alleviate symptoms of pain, discomfort and itching associated to various skin disorders and conditions. Today, the fruits of research and innovation efforts that have been painstakingly rendered could be taken advantage through Dr. Numb® premium products.


Dr. Numb® Topical 5% Lidocaine Cream (30g) is currently the flagship product of ShinPharma Inc., a Canadian company dedicated to innovating solutions for present day challenges in dermal pain management.

The product development of Dr. Numb® started in 2008 and ShinPharma Inc. is continuously investing in the innovation and improvement of Dr. Numb® in pursuit of achieving a highly-effective formula that addresses the ever-changing needs of people.

Dr. Numb® is manufactured in a state-of-the art Health Canada, FDA and GMP-compliant facility in Surrey, British Columbia. To maintain the quality of Dr. Numb® in every tube, every manufacturing procedure is strictly governed by ISO standards. Dr. Numb® has a registered trademark and has gained recognition and provided contributions in the field of dermatology specifically – pain management of dermal medical conditions.

Dr. Numb® displayed amazing performance and results which contributed largely to the steadily growing global presence. The Dr. Numb® brand has gained recognition in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, within South Korea and other international destinations. Dr. Numb®'s professional clientele include dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, medical doctors, aestheticians, hospitals and clinics from the United States and 85 countries around the world.

Since pain is a subjective symptom Dr. Numb®’s top priority is providing second to none Customer Service experience in which consumers will find knowledgeable and reliable service from product specialists. Most aesthetic and health care facilities prefer Dr. Numb® as their supplier of Topical Lidocaine Cream because of its quality, reliability, consistency and capacity to meet their business needs.

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The age where businesses need to look beyond the aesthetics of a product or the practicalities of a service has come. Where consumer interaction and loyalty weigh far more than features and benefits alone. Where consumers expect to engage or even influence – not just be sold to.


Dr. Numb® has a singular focus: Consumer Satisfaction through overall experience. The key to Dr. Numb® success is delivering consumer experiences that demonstrates genuine differentiation. Starting from formulation to sales and distribution, Dr. Numb® made the consumers the true focus of innovation.

Consumers are guaranteed to receive their money’s worth In every tube of Dr. Numb® or get their money back. It is a product that lives up to the standards of Health Canada to ensure maximum effectiveness. Dr. Numb® commitment to its consumers does not end after purchase is made. It provides a quality Customer Service to respond to product inquiries, shipping and billing issues, and to provide assistance to aspiring Distributors of the product. Unlike some numbing cream products whose sources are unknown, consumers are left hanging in cases when the product failed to work or adverse reactions occurred.

Dr. Numb® dares to be different by promoting a culture of a strong institution that promotes accountability, consistency, transparency, and strategic alignment all aimed to one goal Consumer Satisfaction.